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Does Sri Lanka Have the Best Cinnamon

Slofoodgroup Team October 17, 2022

If you have found yourself pondering where to find the best cinnamon, you should be commended. Clearly, quality is important to you and if you are going to create something spectacular, you already realize that it starts with the best ingredients. Cinnamon is no different. But where does the “best” cinnamon come from? Well, that really depends. 

Many folks refer to Ceylon cinnamon as “the world’s best cinnamon”, or by another moniker, “true cinnamon”, and it is indeed fantastic. Ceylon cinnamon comes from the Cinnamomum Verum tree, which is native to Sri Lanka (previously known as Ceylon). Knowing that, I suppose it wouldn’t necessarily be erroneous to say that Sri Lanka is home to “the world’s best cinnamon”. 

That said, “best” can be an extremely relative term and it really comes down to preference. So let’s take a look at why Ceylon cinnamon is often considered the best in the world. 

Why is Ceylon Cinnamon Considered “The World’s Best”? 

Ceylon Cinnamon Tastes Sweeter

Though there is no added sugars in Ceylon Cinnamon, it has an element of sweetness not experienced with when utilizing other cinnamon varieties. This means, when using it  in baked recipes, you can get away with incorporating less sugar into the recipe. 

Ceylon Cinnamon is More Delicate in Tone

One of the reasons cinnamon is so beloved around the world is because of its warming, spicy flavor and almost intoxicating aroma, but let’s face it, when the more common varieties of cinnamon are being used, there is a fine line between “just right” and going overboard. That intensity of flavor can actually be quite harsh at times. With Ceylon cinnamon, that isn’t the case. The flavor of “true” cinnamon doesn’t possess that same intensity. In fact, “delicate” is an adjective often used to describe this particular type of cinnamon. Perhaps because of its subtle floral and almost light citrusy notes and that sense of sweetness we mentioned earlier. 

Ceylon Cinnamon is Lower In Coumarin

Cassia cinnamon varieties tend to contain high levels of a somewhat toxic, naturally occurring compound called coumarin. Before you cut cinnamon out of your diet completely, though, keep reading. While coumarin can be toxic in high doses, it would take A LOT of cinnamon to suffer adverse effects. Not all cinnamon is created equal, though. Ceylon cinnamon only contains trace amounts of coumarin, so feel free to liberally load up that bowl of oatmeal with your favorite spice.

Ceylon Cinnamon is Not as Spicy as Other Cinnamon Varieties

As previously mentioned, the heat experienced when consuming other varieties of cinnamon beyond Sri Lankan is not nearly as intense with Ceylon cinnamon. In fact, it is actually a wonderful ingredient for brightening a dish or beverage, whether that be mole, cream-based sauces, or a spiced cocktail. 


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