Who we are

Thank you for choosing SLOFOODGROUP brand of spices - We are an importer of Premium Vanilla Beans, Vanilla products , Saffron, Organic Cinnamons and other Spices from around the world. Over the years, we've built a strong reputation around the concept of providing superior quality products at fair and reasonable prices.

Our team has worked for many years in luxury hotels and high-end restaurants from Arizona to Hawaii, and developed a fascination with high quality ingredients. Finding the best from a reputable source, however, was always a challenge so In 2012, SloFoodGroup was launched and built around the core principles of quality, people, and processes. SloFoodGroup celebrates a simple passion – for long, plump, fragrant and intoxicating vanilla beans, exquisite saffron, and quality cinnamon.

I was very happy with the Tahitian beans I got from this company - I could smell the sweet aroma before I even opened the package! I will be ordering from them again!!

- Libby Jensen