Gourmet Pompona Vanilla Beans, Costa Rica
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Sustainably sourced vanilla beans from the rainforest of Costa Rica



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     Long, supple, glossy, and notes of chocolate, raisin, dates and more these Pompona vanilla beans are sure to please. Three to four times the average size of most planifolia vanilla, Pompona is by far the largest player on the team.  These vanilla beans, while quite rare and elusive, are not for everyone.  Some people like just plain vanilla and that is fine by us but we support diversity.  If you are looking for some vanilla beans besides what's on the shelfs of your local grocery stores, give these vanilla beans a try.

What is Pompona vanilla? 

     Pompona vanilla is actually the first type of vanilla ever documented by western explorers found in mostly Mexico at the time. Now it can be found in remote parts of South America such as Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and even Florida. It has been grown commercially but died off years ago in favor of vanilla planifolia commonly from Madagascar as planifolia give better yields in plantation system. Pompona vanilla can be used in baked goods, vanilla extracts, perfumery and medicinal concoctions. If you are looking to try something new, give these all natural, ethically sourced vanilla gems a try. We guarantee you will love just as much as we do. 


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kim p.
United States United States
Great beans

I put my Pomponas in a jar with some nice white rum. Time will tell! I thought they'd be bigger.

Lisa K.
United States United States
Fantastic vanilla beans!

These vanilla beans have a great aroma and are soft and pliable. I have them in vodka to make a delicious double-fold vanilla extract.

Germany Germany
Amazing Product

The beans are simply great. No just the size but also the smell and related properties. I guess there is an excellent production process behind these vanilla pods. 100% recommended.

Feliciana P.
United States United States

The Costa Rican beans were gorgeous and smelled amazing!

United States United States

These beans are amazingly long and plump! Right off the bat I smelled dried cherries and lots of complex undertones. The smell out of the bag was very potent/fragrant in the best ways, as is the extract that’s only been soaking for around two weeks. I had pompona from Veracruz and these by far are more fragrant both initially and in the extract (so far). Will be buying more.

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