Tahitian Pure Vanilla Extract

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Made from hand selected vanilla beans cultivated in Tahiti

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Crafted with care from authentic Tahitian vanilla beans grown in the islands of Tahiti

Experience the floral aroma and flavor of vanilla from Tahiti in a bottle. What more could be better than the delicate fruity, floral, cherry and star anise-like flavor of Tahitian vanilla bean?  If you are a baker, pastry chef or home cook, it just might be Tahitian vanilla extract. Vanilla extract is great for infusing full-bodied vanilla flavor throughout a recipe without the need to scrape the vanilla bean. If you are a lover or fan of Tahitian vanilla, then this is the perfect choice of pure vanilla extract for you. 

You are not buying plain vanilla extract 

What do we mean by this, well...most vanilla extract is made using Madagascar and other bourbon or planifolia varieties of vanilla beans.  This vanilla extract is made using vanilla tahitensis that are grown in the fertile soils of French Polynesia.  Vanilla from Tahiti, the authentic stuff, not Tahitian vanilla from Papua New Guinea (no offense to our friends in PNG) is the most expensive vanilla in the world.  It is quite rare and only available in extremely limited quantities year to year and season to season. If you have not tried vanilla from Tahiti, you truly do not know what your are missing.  Its subtle aroma is floral, sweet, seductive and most certainly a treasure.  Tahitian vanilla is commonly used in high-end pastry shops, perfumes and fragrances, and cosmetic applications.  Perhaps most famously Chanel uses French Polynesian vanilla in their coveted fragrances. Say la Orana to vanilla from Tahiti and add a bit of paradise to your favorite recipes. 


*Non GMO, grown using organic principles, gluten free, and certified kosher, you can always feel good about choosing Slofoodgroup vanilla beans and extracts!

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