24 karat edible gold leaf for arts and crafts and desserts

Gold Leaf | Loose Sheets, 24 Karat

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Edible Gold Leaf 

Gold Leaf or gold sheet as it is sometimes referred to is gold that has been hammered into thin flat sheets that are rice paper thin . It is commonly used to add a feeling of elegance or luxury to a dish. The gold itself is odorless and tasteless  and considered "biologically inert." meaning it passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed.  It lends itself to many possible decoration pieces both sweet or savory. Buy gold leaf with confidence and know you are getting absolutely pure patent gold leaf.

  • Materials: Pure Gold
  • Edible Gold Leaf
  • Natural Gold
  • Genuine Gold Leaves
  • Gold Sheets
  • Gold Leaf Sheets
  • Edible Gold

Each book of Gold Leaf contains 25 sheets of 8cm by 8cm edible gold sheets. Our Gold leaf is encased in heat sealed envelope to prevent moisture. This food-grade gold leaf is manufactured to the standard European size of 80 x 80 mm (3.15 x 3.15 inches) Buy gold leaf now and enjoy its many uses and  luxury feel. Gold leaf looks remarkably striking with chocolates, cake decorating, and garnishing. It has been used commonly in India for centuries placed as garnish on the main dish during festive occasions. Our Gold leaf is ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, desserts as well gilding, crafting, and scrap-booking.  Each gold sheet is separated by dusted paper to prevent sticking and does not damage to gold.

*To use gold leaf: Avoid touching gold leaf with your hands or fingers as it will stick. Do not breath directly on  gold leaf, it will blow away or wrinkle. Using a pairing knife, tweezers, or razor, cut away the portion of gold sheet that you wish to use. Pick up the piece of gold using just the tip of your knife or tool and gently touch the item you are applying the gold leaf to; it should stick as it applies very easily to surfaces. When buying gold leaf sheets buy gold leaf with assurance knowing you are getting a great product and a great price.

100% Organic Natural ProductNon-GMO (Does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms)

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