Gourmet Vanilla Beans Papua New Guinea, Tahitensis

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Tahitian vanilla beans in bulk from PNG



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Buy Vanilla Beans that are Bold and Flavorful from Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Vanilla Tahitensis also called PNG Tahiti beans is revered by chefs around the world. This vanilla is an up-and-coming varietal of bean that is plump, oily, and pungent! These gourmet beans from Papua New Guinea are gorgeous. A darker than the average bean, with a thick, black outer vanilla bean pod encasing vanilla caviar ( vanilla seeds).

The flavor is reminiscent of oak and cherry and a soft, delicate vanillin punch! In several tests, the flavor was found to hold up exceptionally well in baked goods and applications involving high heat. Love Creme Brulee? Try these beans in this recipe!

This vanilla is a wonderful option for those who do not want to splurge on vanilla from Tahiti.

Are these vanilla beans the same as buying vanilla from Tahiti?

No they are not, the flavor is different. The beans are not as plump, but they are a cheaper. We also offer whole ground Tahitian Vanilla. If you are looking for other vanilla alternatives, our extract grade selection of vanillas are available.

So why choose this type of vanilla?

Try the beautiful grade A vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea for your recipes today. You may never look at vanilla bean ice cream or any other “gourmet” vanilla the same.  Full vanilla flavored high-quality vanilla pods, the exotic fruit of the an orchid ready to be delivered just in time for that next batch of homemade vanilla extract at a bargain.

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You'll love PNG Vanilla Beans!

  • Each bean is typically at least 14-15 cm in length! 4.5-5 inches in length
  • The moisture content in these gourmet vanilla beans is around 25-30%.
  • In buying Tahitian vanilla from Papua New Guinea, you are supporting the small farms and villages where it is cultivated.
  • Gourmet Vanilla Beans from Papua New Guinea are unlike any other bean. They complement a wide range of flavor profiles!
  • There are approximately 120 to 130 beans in a pound.
  • These vanilla Tahitensis beans from PNG have been certified kosher by a Rabbi at a reputable kosher certification agency.
  • All SloFoodGroup beans are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and all natural

Experience the Flavor of Grade A Vanilla From Papua New Guinea:

oak, chocolate, cherry, and red wine an aroma that is sure to please

Uses for Papua New Guinea Vanilla Tahitensis:

pure vanilla extract, baking, cold preparation, gelato,  chocolate, ice cream, desserts, perfumery and more!


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Lisa K.
United States United States
Great beans!

I received really great beans for a great price!

Kerrie G.
United States United States
Vanilla Extract 2021Batch

These beans smelled amazing when I broke the seal on the vacuum pouch so I am super excited to see how the batch of vanilla extract I made with them turns out. I like to add a bean to the jars that I “gift” too so the size of the beans/quantity I was able to order is perfect too. Over-all a great value.

Slofoodgroup LLC Gourmet Vanilla Beans Papua New Guinea, Tahitensis Review
Kylee M.
United States United States

They wasn't dry nor could I tell the difference between grade A and B . They smelt so good i was almost sad to put them in to extract . I would purchase again

Trish G.
United States United States
Luscious Beans!

I am so grateful to have found your vanilla beans. They are luscious! They are perfect for the housemade vanilla syrup we use in our coffee shop. Cutbow Coffee Roastology Thank you!

Lori F.
United States United States

Perfect! Great quality, fast shipping, great prices!

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