Flake Sea Salt, Greece

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A luxurious cooking and finishing salt with large crystals that are as white as snow


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All-natural Large Flake Sea Salt 

This sea salt is naturally harvested by hand from the waters of the Ionian Sea. Often referred to as Pyramid Sea Salt, our Greek flake salt is soft, delicate, and larger in granularity than most. Flake sea salt adds a clean, crisp flavor to any dish and is an exceptional choice for use in soups, stews, fish, and grilled meats, either during the cooking process or for finishing. The sharp and irregular shape of white salt crystal formations gives this product an artisan appearance. It is unrefined, luxurious, and complimenting to any recipe.

Is Pyramid Sea Salt the same as finishing salt? 

Our flake sea salt, or pyramid sea salt, is an excellent choice for finishing salt. The large, unrefined salt flakes look beautiful atop any dish. It need not be reserved for only finishing dishes, however. This sea salt can be used while cooking to add another level of flavor. 

Can you replace kosher salt with natural sea salt? 

Yes! Not only can you trade out your kosher salt with this flake sea salt, but you will be astonished by the superiority of flavor! Natural sea salt tends to be flakier, less uniform in size and shape, and varies in trace mineral elements depending on the area it was harvested from. This results in different flavor profiles. Chemically speaking, however, sea salt, kosher salt, and table salt are all the same. That said, each has its signature uses, as recognized by well-trained chefs, cooks, and anyone who appreciates fine food. 

 *Our flake sea salt has been certified kosher by EarthKosher.


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Lori L.
United States United States
Very flakey…perfect!

Great salt…flakey but not super fragile. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Sarah M.
United States United States
Flake Sea salt

Lovely crisp flakes of sea salt, perfect for finishing and seasoning many dishes

Susan D.
United States United States
I love the flake sea salt and share it with my friends!

Excellent. I cook every day and use it every day

Robert W.
United States United States

Very happy very happy

Nancy H.
United States United States
flaked salt

While I have not used this product enough yet to give an extensive review, it has been fun to use to" finish” certain foods before serving. I tired it on green beans and even adding a bit to already prepared french fries. I can’t wait to try sprinkling it on chocolate chip cookies just before baking.

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