Black Peppercorns, Sri Lanka
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Whole Black Peppercorns - the king of Spice

Botanically known as Piper Nigrum, black pepper is the world's most traded and consumed spice, and with good reason.  It tastes great and adds a mild but spicy kick to many dishes and its versatility is quite unmatched.  Black pepper is used in cooking worldwide for so many recipes you could possibly write a book on its many uses across the globe.  Take the classic French steak au poivre, this dish would not be the same without black pepper.  Here at Slofoodgroup, we find buying whole black pepper to be best suited with red meats, game such as venison, salads, and roasted potatoes, you name it.  We personally do not use black peppercorns with fish, but you are more than welcome to if it suits your fancy. We also carry a beautiful white peppercorn that is more suited to fish and seafood.

Why buy Whole Black peppercorns from Sri Lanka

Compromising less than two percent of the world's supply of black pepper, Sri Lankan black pepper is known for higher piperine content that makes these peppercorns superior in quality and pungent in aroma.  Slofoodgroup Black Peppercorns are a truly premium quality peppercorn that is perfectly suited for your dad's weekend grilling, and the family kitchen pantry. 

*Our black peppercorns are non-GMO and certified kosher by EarthKosher. 

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