Where Does Black Pepper Come From?

Slofoodgroup Team April 23, 2021

Piper nigrum, more commonly known as black pepper, is typically found along the Malabar Coast of India. However, this flowering vine plant can be found in various tropical regions in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. You can also find black peppercorns in Sri Lanka and Brazil.  

Historically, black peppercorns were highly valued. It was sometimes referred to as “black gold” since it could be used as currency in ancient societies. Though black pepper was once viewed as a symbol of wealth, it is now one of the world’s most traded and consumed spices, readily available to anyone. 

Learn more about black peppercorns. 

What are black peppercorns? 

Peppercorns are actually tiny fruit. They look like berries and start out green in color. Depending on when they are harvested and how they are preserved, they’ll either be black, green, red, or white. When the berries are picked before they are ripe and briefly cooked and dried, the outer skin will turn black, producing black peppercorns. This process is what provides them with their sharp and spicy flavor. 

How To Use Black Peppercorns

Black peppercorn adds a mild but spicy kick to many dishes. It works exceptionally well in stews, salads, dishes with red meat, and on top of roasted potatoes. However, its versatility really lends itself to any recipe.

Here are some of our favorite recipes that call for the use of black peppercorns:

When you cook with black peppercorns, your meal will have bold, fresh flavors, especially if you grind your own spices. Always remember — add to taste!

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Studies show that there are many health benefits to consuming black peppercorns. It is high in antioxidants because of its piperine compound and also has many anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it may be able to help promote gut health and boosts the absorption of other nutrients. Adding black peppercorns to your meals is a win-win for flavor and your well-being! 

Why You Should Choose Black Peppercorns from Sri Lanka

Less than two percent of the world’s supply of black pepper comes from Sri Lanka, but the Sri Lankan peppercorns are superior in quality when it comes to flavor and aroma. That’s because black peppercorns from this region feature higher piperine content, which is the compound responsible for those qualities. 

At Slofoodgroup, we offer gourmet black peppercorns from Sri Lanka that are non-GMO and certified kosher by EarthKosher. Click here to purchase Sri Lankan black peppercorns



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