Vanilla Extract Sugar- Free Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

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Real Vanilla Extract for cooking and baking


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Buy Vanilla Extract made from the finest Madagascar Vanilla Beans with No Added Sugars or Sweeteners

Hand selected and produced from the finest Red Vanilla Pods cultivated on the Island of Madagascar, Slofoodgroup sugar free Madagascar vanilla extract is the perfect choice for home cooks, chefs, and food novices who want absolutely control over how much sugar goes into their recipes. This vanilla extract is crafted with one purpose in mind, quality.  

Making quality vanilla extract starts with the farmer and takes time to develop

This attention to detail and quality starts at the very beginning of the supply chain with our farmers in Madagascar. Vanilla orchids are meticulously cared each season to protect against disease, theft, fungal infection, and more.  Once the vanilla beans ripen, after a period of around eight months, they are picked.  The green vanilla beans are then submerged in hot water to begin the curing process. The beans are then covered in wool or cotton blankets and stored in sweating boxes before beginning the sun drying process. This hot water bath and sun-drying of the vanilla beans kick start the enzymatic reaction that helps develop the complex flavor and aroma that bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is known for.

How do we make Vanilla Extract?

While we can not give you the full details (psst, it is a company secret), we can offer you some insight on how we make vanilla extract.  First vanilla beans are hand selected each season around October. Slofoodgroup only works with a European red vanilla bean standard. This type of vanilla bean is 25-27 percent in moisture, and is distinguished by the red variegated lines running up and down the length of the vanilla pod. This grade of vanilla is less visually appealing to many users but is the perfect vanilla for making vanilla extract.  After the vanilla beans are selected they are then milled and chopped into .25 inch or smaller pieces.  The vanilla beans are then mixed into a bath of neutral ethanol and water to make for a 35 percent by volume solution of alcohol and circulated for a period of no less then 90 days. After 90 days, the vanilla extract is ran through a filtration to remove the organic sediments prior to being bottled.  Looking to make vanilla extract on your own?  Head on over to our Madagascar grade b vanilla beans and find just the right size for your do it yourself vanilla extract needs. 




Real Vanilla Extract for cooking and baking

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