Vanilla Extract Calculator

Not sure how much vanilla beans you may need for that vanilla extract

Check out our easy to use vanilla extract calculator. Here you can find out just how much vanilla is needed based on the amount of vanilla extract you want to make and the strength you want the vanilla to be. It really is that simple, let us walk you through the process below . Our goal is to make sure your vanilla extract is just as tasty as it should really be by offering great quality vanilla beans and and guidance to get you through the process. 

How to use our vanilla extract calculator

  1. Step one: Select the amount of vanilla extract you want to make. You can choose by the cup or by the gallon. Most people make vanilla by the cup but for those of you looking to do a little more, we wanted to make sure you were included.
  2. Step two: Pick the grade of vanilla beans you intend to use. Grade A (gourmet) vanilla requires slightly more vanilla than Grade B (extract) vanilla beans. Neither type of vanilla bean is really better than the other  for making vanilla extract, they just have slightly different moisture content.
  3. Step three:Choose the strength of vanilla extract you want to make: single fold, double fold or triple fold vanilla. This would determine the final amount of vanilla beans you need significantly. 




You need -- oz of beans, which are approximately -- average size beans


 *Disclaimer: this vanilla calculator is solely meant for informational purposes and not meant as legal guidance, representation or otherwise. By using this calculator, you acknowledge these limitations. No warranty is expressed or implied. We do recommended using the calculate by weight of vanilla beans function rather than by count for more accurate results. Vanilla beans do have many natural size, length and weight differences.

The count feature will specifically not be accurate for vanilla beans from Peru, Costa Rica, or Tahiti due to the naturally larger characteristics of these vanilla beans and limitations of this tool.  THE USE OR RELIANCE OF THIS CALCULATOR IS SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. For more information about making vanilla extract and vanilla extract formulations, please consult a legal professional and the FDA code of federal regulations 169.3 definitions . Please use this tool accordingly.