Whole Nutmeg from Sri Lanka | True Nutmeg | Organic Seeds From Myristica Fragrans


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Whole Sri Lankan Nutmeg, the Fragrant Seed of Myristica Fragrans

There are many varieties of nutmeg, but the one true nutmeg is the seed from Myristica Fragrans, a dark-leaved evergreen tree. This whole nutmeg from Sri Lanka is not only as beautiful of the name of the tree it comes from, but it is also really something special in terms of fragrance and flavor. It's slightly sweet and mildly spicy and embraces a comforting flavor that lingers on the tongue. As a member of what is known as 'the sweet spice quartet'—nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice—it carries a fragrance induced nostalgia for many. 

In its unsheathed form, the outer shell casing of the nutmeg seed is also what is known as the spice mace, or dried aril. Though don't worry our whole nutmeg from Sri Lanka has been fully undressed and is ready for grating in sauces, desserts, baked goods or many wonderful dishes.  

Applications for True Nutmeg:

Nutmeg is the perfect complimentary spice to many dishes. Many folks recognize it for its presence in holiday baked goods, but it is also frequently found in applications for sweet potatoes and squashes, barbecue rubs, and many sauces. In classical cooking, nutmeg is often found in cream spinach and is a key ingredient in the mother sauce béchamel. 

Buy whole nutmeg from Sri Lanka today and see why powdered nutmeg is just plain dull and boring in comparison to fresh, true nutmeg.

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Sherry B.
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The way it should be

I’m very please with my Experience. The service I received was exceptional. Placed order, received shipment emails and received my items all within about 2 weeks or less. Thanks you

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