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Ugandan Vanilla Beans Vanilla Planifolia

Ugandan bourbon vanilla beans, buy vanilla bean, buy vanilla

V. planifolia  (Bourbon Vanilla Beans)

- Gourmet Grade A/BLK

- Size 16cm-18cm

30-33 percent moisture

High quality Vanilla Pods, good substitute for Madagascar Vanilla bean at a much better price. These Ugandan Vanilla Beans are long and pliable with a rich oily luster. The fragrance is buttery with notes of chocolate and fig and their high Vanillin content make them a must have Vanilla bean for almost any application. These Vanilla beans are great for a remarkably bold and whole vanilla bean extract, Chocolate confections or rich and creamy creme anglaise.  Flavor notes of rich milk chocolate with undertones of a sweet creamy richness that is hard to beat.

French Tahitian Vanilla Beans Vanilla Tahitensis

Grade A Tahitian Vanilla Beans Vanilla Tahitensis

V. tahitensis (Tahitian Vanilla Beans)

- Gourmet Grade A

- Size 16cm+

50-55 percent moisture

Buying Vanilla beans has never been so easy until you meet the True Tahitian Vanilla Pods from French Polynesia. Tahitian Vanilla beans  have a delicate floral aroma with caramel, star anise, and cherry undertones. They are cured at a higher humidity level giving them truly a truly unique flavor profile that Chefs love. Our Tahitian Vanilla beans are award winning flavorful vanilla beans and are great for true Vanilla bean lovers.  Tahitian Vanilla beans are soft, plump and filled with loads of vanilla caviar for flavor; the ultimate Gourmet Vanilla Beans regarded by many pastry Chefs as the best Vanilla Beans in the world. Try for yourself and you will see buying Vanilla beans will never be the same.

Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans Vanilla Tahitensis

Tahitian vanilla beans, Papua New Guinea Vanilla beans, buy Tahitian vanilla beans

-  V. tahitensis

- Grade A

- Size 16cm-18cm
-30-35 percent moisture

Vanilla Tahitensis grown in Papua New Guinea and varies slightly from its French Polynesian cousin, these are beautiful and oily Vanilla Beans are fragrant and plump. These beans are available at a fraction of the cost of true Tahitian vanilla and  buying these Vanilla beans has never been easier.  We love them for our blended vanilla extracts, cold desserts and Vanilla Bean Gelato. Their scent is of cherry, oak, and floral notes; often described as smelling like licorice, cherries, or red wine. Great substitute for the true Tahitian Vanilla Bean. Papua New Guinea produced Vanilla bean have really come a long way and we love supporting such a wonderful product.


Persian Sargol Negin Saffron Crocus sativus

Sargol Saffron, Persian Saffron, buy saffron, buy persian saffron


- Sargol Negin ISO Grade I

- 259.3 Coloring Strength

- All Red Filaments

- Bulk Quantities Available

- True Persian Saffron



Persian Saffron, Sargol Negin Red Saffron, is some of the most sought after saffron in the world (Crocus stivus) It is prized for its all red filaments, deep dark red crimson properties that truly make this Saffron the Saffron of choice. Our Saffron is floral, fresh and aromatic, from the Persian empire. It is the Best Saffron on the market. Highly sought after for its some what thicker all red threads (also know as saffron filaments), coloring strength and flavoring properties. Other grades  of saffron such as Spanish La Mancha and Coupe grades of Saffron can be regarded as inferior when compare to Persian Sargol Saffron. Try it for yourself and you may just find it is the most beautiful saffron you have experienced.


24k Edible Gold Leaf Gold Transfer Sheets

edible gold leaf, patent gold leaf, buy gold leaf

- 24 karat gold leaf

- Certified edible

- 99.9 Percent Purity 

- 25 Gold Sheets per book

- 8cm by 8 cm (3.15 x 3.15 in)


24 karat edible gold leaf or gold sheets, transfer type 99 percent purity.  Edible gold leaf is great for adding elegant touches to desserts or even savory items. Pure Gold leaf has been used in art, architecture, and culinary applications for centuries. Each book of Gold Leaf contains 25 sheets of 8cm by 8cm gold sheets or pages pounded microns thin. These gold sheets are less than paper thin and are highly delicate and require an artist touch to truly master. Our gold leaf come encased in heat sealed envelope to prevent moisture and damage and is delivered right to you door or place of business . Slofoodgroup brand food-grade gold leaf is manufactured to the standard European size of 80 x 80 mm (3.15 x 3.15 inches) and we are sure you will love it on fruit tarts, bon bons, and even on your grandfathers favorite cheesecake. 

Ground Vanilla Beans Vanilla Planifolia

Bourbon vanilla powder, buy bourbon vanilla powder, organic vanilla powder

- Whole Ground Vanilla Beans

- Ground V. planifolia

- Madagascar Vanilla Beans

- Premium Grade Quality 

- Extra fine grind


Whole Ground Vanilla Bean (V. planifolia) is dried, crushed, ground, and then finely sifted and vacuum sealed. The Vanillin content is  0.8-1.2, with 10 percent moisture, good fragrance and its origin  is Sambova, Madagascar. Vanilla bean powder is commonly used as a replacement for applications that call for vanilla extract  or vanilla paste.  Vanilla powder can be used in substitution without any additional additives such as alcohol or sugars that vanilla extract or vanilla paste contain. Vanilla bean powder is recommend for icings, cream sauces, cookies or scones and many other applications.  Another great option is turning your vanilla powder into vanilla paste for the do it yourself chef or home cook..


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     Shopping with SLOFOODGROUP means you are buying premium Vanilla beans or any one of our products with confidence. All of our products, whether it is our beautiful Tahitian vanilla beans or our premium all red saffron are GMO free, Gluten free and produced in an organic and sustainable manner. We source directly from the farmers and cures and while these farmers may not have organic certificates, almost all vanilla is grown organically.  In our case the vanilla is grown in many small farms and villages before being sent to be cured. Certificated organic vanilla is available on request as are health certificates and certificates of origin. We work directly with farmers, curers and growers to offer great quality products at fair market prices for our customers. Our beautiful dried morel mushrooms are wild picked and therefore contain more flavor than farm raised mushrooms.  When you buy morel mushrooms you will see and taste the quality difference. Great care is taken with all of our products to ensure quality, consistency, and a price that is reasonable. 

How to Scrape a Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Check out this video for a quick and easy tip on how to effortlessly clean our delicious Vanilla Tahitensis or better known as Tahitian Vanilla beans from Tahiti, by Pastry Chef Kriss Harvey of the SLS Beverly Hills.


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