Ethically-sourced Organic Spices Online

Premium Exotic Spices from around the world. In this collection you can buy Persian saffron, Ceylon cinnamon, Sri Lankan cloves, and a variety of other high-quality organic spices. 

Quality Spices delivered 

Slofoodgroup provides ethically sourced organic spices online that are second to none when it comes to quality. Spices have been used for many thousands of years for a variety of applications. From ancient rituals to medicine to increasing culinary variety, spices have been changing the way people live wherever they travel. Even so, the spice industry has a complicated history of exploitation, violence, and domination. Slofoodgroup takes great effort to ensure that the products in our store are sourced using responsible and sustainable methods. We deliver true, global flavor directly to your doorstep with our free domestic delivery and express shipping options. Choose Slofoodgroup as your preferred source of ethically-sourced organic spices online.