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Delivering the flavors you love and the quality you deserve, Slofoodgroup is where flavor begin. Shop for and buy cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and any of our other fresh and ground spices online. Need a little Ceylon cinnamon for your curry blend, saffron for middle eastern savory dishes? 

Our team of strives to provide the best quality salts, dried herbs and spices for your baked goods and family recipes. Spices are perfect for grinding fresh for curry powder, garam masala, and other spice blends . An online spice house we can help you find star anise, Ceylon black tea, Turkish bay leaf, and more right here.

Where do your spices come from?

Sri Lanka, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, Afghanistan, all over the world! Our spices are grown on small farms that focus on quality . Our farms are not organically certified but our growers do practice organic farming. When buying spices online, you will find that Slofoodgroup is second to none when it comes to quality.

We offer the worlds best vanilla beans and spices online at prices that are fair and quality you can count on.

Why use spices for cooking and baking?

Besides that fact that spices adds depth and flavor? Take a look at history. From ancient rituals, medicine and increasing culinary variety, spices have been changing the way people live, eat and travel for ages. Check out this article on the potential health benefits of saffron to learn more.

Slofoodgroup takes great effort to ensure that the products in our store are sourced using responsible and sustainable methods

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