Bourbon Vanilla Sugar, Raw Cane Sugar with Madagascar Vanilla Beans

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The finest Madagascar vanilla sugar online


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Pure Madagascar vanilla bean sugar - an easy to use treat for baking 

    All natural, ethically sourced Madagascar vanilla beans infused with high quality real cane sugar combine for a wonderfully aromatic sugar that can be used in any recipe.  Made with real vanilla beans means you will also see those wonderful specs of vanilla throughout your sauces and bases. 

Real vanilla bean sugar is easy to use, easy to store and easy to buy

      Not sure how to make vanilla sugar, does your recipe never come out just right? Let Slofoodgroup do the heavy lifting. Our vanilla bean sugar is made with our very own secret recipe that was formulated in the test kitchen of our family and friends. No artificial flavors, colors or otherwise here.  This vanilla bean sugar is as close to homemade as homemade can get without any added work to you. 


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