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Pure Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf and silver in general has been a timeless valued metal for the sheen and gray-white appearance of this atomic element.  Its atomic number is 47 its symbol is Ag derived from the Greek and meaning shiny or white.

Other uses of uses of genuine silver leaf, is applications in interior design (decorating walls), exterior renovation such as domes in churches, figurines, furniture restorations, Signage, Signboards and Photo frames, Scrap booking, mirrors and other craft work.

Each book contains 25 sheets of 9cm by 9cm edible silver sheets.

PLEASE NOTE, with Genuine Silver metal leaf, it made with 100% pure silver and has a warmer color tone. Please note that Genuine silver will change color over time. So if one is to apply on to products it is necessary to varnish with a protective coating Artists sometimes desires the oxidized effects of the leaf, and use it as part of its design. We hope you enjoy our products and thank you for your business

Did you Know?

Silver was once more expensive than gold in ancient Egypt. 

Edible Silver Tip

Do not breath too heavy or you will literally watch your silver leaf float away.  Silver leaf is rice paper thin and extremely delicate.  We recommend users familiarize themselves with tips and techniques before attempting to apply.

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