Ecuadorian Vanilla Beans, Grade B

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Tahitian vanilla from South America


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Tahitian Grade B Vanilla Beans from Ecuador 

Commonly referred to as extract grade beans, Tahitian type Ecuadorian vanilla beans are smaller than their premium grade A variety bean. Not to worry though as this type of vanilla bean still packs a full-flavored punch that make outstanding vanilla extract. The end result that is fruity, floral, and much deeper in-depth than other Tahitian vanilla beans. To us, these vanilla beans have an aroma with notes of stone fruits, green apple, sour cherry, passion fruit with a touch of honey, and prickly pear. 

Details about these extraction grade vanilla beans

  • smaller than gourmet vanilla with an average pod length of 4.5 - 5 inches
  • may contain minor cosmetic blemishes 
  • soft beautiful oily sheen and aroma that tart of cherry, plum, and apricot
  • sourced directly Ecuador vanilla tahitensis not to be confused with vanilla planifolia
  • color, dark black with light red variegation and full of tiny little vanilla seeds
  • all-natural, gluten-free, and kosher certified

How to use these vanilla beans

Recommend for use when making vanilla extract. Can also be used for basic cooking and baking applications such as vanilla sugar, body scrubs, creme anglaise, caramel, cakes, cookies, yogurt, almond milk, and more. Try adding a some vanilla to your honey or maple syrup for a little vanilla scented treat. 

To make vanilla extract with grade b extract beans

Step one: chop, split or scrap .83 ounces of vanilla beans to every eight ounce alcohol (it does not matter if you chop, spilt or scrap a vanilla bean when making vanilla extract the most important aspect is both the inner and outer surface area of the pod is exposed to the alcohol) 

Step two: add vanilla beans to a jar and cover with the recommended amount of alcohol. Not sure how much alcohol you need? Do not worry, each size comes with a vanilla extract recipe printed right on the label. 

The recipe is based off the FDA standard definition of vanilla extract. This way you can be sure you get a full-flavored vanilla extract each and every time you shop.  

Step three: seal tightly and shake like you are a bartender in college. Continue to shake at least once a week for a minimum of 90 days. Some people like to age longer but the choice is up to you. 

Step four: strain the vanilla through a small strainer, coffee filter or chinois and bottle. If you are planning on making vanilla extract for gifts, we highly recommend making your vanilla extract in one large batch and separate into smaller gift sized bottles once fully aged. 

The benefits of doing this ensure your vanilla flavor profile is the same for everyone. It also allows your to filter your vanilla to remove the vanilla pulp that commonly floats around in your spice jar or container when making vanilla extract. The result is a beautiful clean dark amber colored liquid that is full of flavor and looks just as good or better than any name brand. 

Looking authentic vanilla from Tahiti? You can find that at Slofoodgroup too. Sweet floral and cured with a humidity level higher than traditional vanilla beans, Tahiti vanilla is the plumpest vanilla beans you have ever seen. Tahiti vanilla, a delicacy adored by chefs around the world to be enjoy in your home and baked goods

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Hilâl O.
Netherlands Netherlands
Amazing vanilla beans!

It took over a month to arrive but did arrive in perfect condition! Amazed by how different it tastes compared to Madagascar vanilla. Mild taste and it reminds me of figs. The beans are chock full of caviar. Only thing for improvement is shipping times. My vanilla orders from other companies in the US arrive within 2 weeks and shipping costs are higher on this website.

Slofoodgroup LLC Ecuadorian Vanilla Beans, Grade B ReviewSlofoodgroup LLC Ecuadorian Vanilla Beans, Grade B ReviewSlofoodgroup LLC Ecuadorian Vanilla Beans, Grade B ReviewSlofoodgroup LLC Ecuadorian Vanilla Beans, Grade B Review
Aletris N.
United States United States
The best beans! Hands down!

I dint usually publish reviews, but felt I needed to. I order beans from 4 different companies to try different varieties of grade B beans for vanilla extract. These were so much better than the other 3 companies. Each bean was moist and plump, very aromatic and tons of caviar. It’s the only company I will order from in the future. I am very impressed

Lisa K.
United States United States
Great vanilla beans!

These are great beans! I will definitely buy more beans from this company!

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