Gold Leaf | Hard Press Transfer Sheets, 24 Karat


$15.00 ($1.50 / sheets)

$38.99 ($1.55 / sheets)

$77.00 ($1.54 / sheets)

$153.00 ($1.53 / sheets)

$225.99 ($1.50 / sheets)

$295.99 ($1.47 / sheets)

$372.00 ($1.48 / sheets)

  • 24 Karat Edible gold leaf on firm transfer sheets.  This gold leaf is firmly attached to transfer backing and suitable for applying to large surface areas such as custom cakes, furniture, or other surface areas . Each book is 3.15 inches by 3.15 inches.  We offer edible gold leaf that is available in 10 sheet books or 25 sheet books depending on you size of creation.  Each book is crafted by hand by first weighing gold, melting the gold, cutting into pieces. The gold is then packed into molds for drying before being removed for beating, stamping and cutting to get each sheet in to virtually perfect squares of for application purposes. Not sure how much gold leaf you need? Try our metal leaf calculator. It is not perfect like the rest of us but comes in handy and you can change the margin based on your own skill level and experience. The margin is just our standard recommendation.

    Disclaimer: The 35% margin calculated into your order for both gold leaf and silver leaf was estimated through multiple product tests. Based off our experience, it is our very best estimated margin. However, depending on skill level of application and additions to cake that may cause variations in its size, you may still need more (or less) than this.

    You will need 1 sheets.

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  • This product listing is for pure gold, 99.9 percent AU. Using Gold Leaf is an extremely delicate and fragile product.  Pure gold is ridiculously soft and must be pounded extremely thin to firmly attach to transfer backing for application purposes.  This gold will not come loose easily like our light press transfer sheets and is firmly attached to transfer backing sheets. 
  • Hard press edible gold transfer sheets are ideal for for applying gold leaf to large cake surface areas for partial boarder accent or covering the entire surface area. These transfer sheets can also be used in furniture, woodworking, ceramics or other applications were gold is need to be applied to the surface area. Each book covers 1 and 5/6 square feet. Each sheet is a thickness of .12 microns. If you have questions about this product, how to use it, or otherwise please simply send us and email.
  • To use hard press gold leaf:remove sheet you wish and cut size needed for task at hand make, sure cake surface is slightly tacky by using food glue, simply syrup or otherwise easiest application test in small area before applying to complete surfaces area. Dry fondants will most likely need application of food based glue or brushing of simple syrup for best result. Smooth gold leaf by lightly brushing with gold duster brush to smooth out surface and enjoy.

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