Pure Ugandan Vanilla Bean Sugar

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Crafted from our 100% natural Ugandan vanilla beans

Need a spoon full of vanilla sugar? Buy vanilla sugar online in bulk or small amounts. Slofoodgroup's Ugandan vanilla bean sugar aims to please. Great for use in baked goods and your favorite baking recipes that call for vanilla. This organic cane sugar is packed with extra vanilla flavor that has been hand selected by our own vanilla experts. We have taken something that is easy to make at home and tasked our bean gurus with recreating. The end result, a pure vanilla sugar made with Ugandan vanilla that tastes just as good homemade vanilla sugar made by a couple of vanilla nerds on our team.

How did we get all that vanilla flavor in our sugar you ask?

It simple the first step is: fresh vanilla pods, vanilla beans seeds and all, plus sugar. When flavor comes knocking we answer. It really is two ingredients. Quite an easy process we doubt if we even needed our food science degree for this one but thanks anyways gurus.

The second step: using our own knifes to scrape, we combine combined Ugandan vanilla beans with cups of sugar. Once fully mixed, we add a few extra vanilla beans and let it all age in air tight bins. Once aged, we have a sweet mild Ugandan vanilla sugar. Perfectly ideal for baking, ice cream, coffee, tea, cocktails, simple syrup more.

For an extra vanilla kick, combine with our Ugandan vanilla extract and really wow your taste buds

Facts about this vanilla sugar

  • Ingredients, organic cane sugar and ground vanilla beans from Uganda
  • Shelf stable, store in a cool and dry area
  • Recommend shelf life of 24-36 months
  • Made in the United States using only premium quality ingredients
  • Certified kosher, GMO free, and gluten free

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