Silver Flakes, Food Grade Edible Silver Flakes for Decoration and Garnish

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Make your favorite treats stand-out with real edible silver


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Buy Food-Grade Edible Silver Flakes For an Added Touch

Let's face it, garnishing with edible gold or silver can be tough for some of us.  Working with edible books of gold and silver is not for everyone and at times just plain frustrating for some people. Which type to of silver to use, how much to buy, how do I buy, the list goes on and on.  At Slofoodgroup our number one goal is to help in whatever buying decision you are looking to make. It does not matter if you are looking for loose leaf gold or silver transfer sheets, we have several different options and sizes to choose from that not only fit your budget but also may be more adapt to your skill level.  

This is where edible silver flakes come in

The great thing about silver flakes or other flake edible metal is no skill is really required.  Simply sprinkle as liberally as desired over your cakes, cookies, fruit plates, caviar, chocolates you name it.  Silver in general is a very complimenting color, it also has no flavor so you do not have to worry about pairing it with the ingredients.  Another great thing about working with edible silver flakes is they are a considerable amount less expensive than gold.  Try some silver flakes today and do not for get to share your creations by tagging us.


About Our Food-Grade Silver Flakes:

  • Medium size silver flakes range from .10-.35 of an inch
  • Made from pure silver
  • Available in sizes ranging from 50 mg to one gram of silver
  • 100 percent edible 
  • Easy to store non perishable 

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