Edible Gold and Silver Metal Leaf Sheets

Loose leaf and transfer leaf gold or silver, a variety of applications

Buy edible silver and gold leaf foils to enhance your culinary creations, making them even more luxurious. 

Pure Edible Gold and Silver Leaf Sheets

Slofoodgroup’s metal leaf sheet varieties are thinly pressed 24k gold leaf and pure silver.


What Can I Use 24k Gold Leaf Sheets For?

Use edible gold and silver leaf sheets for cakes, pastries, sushi—you name it, edible gold and silver leaf looks great on just about everything. Gold and silver are both eye-catching and timeless, with applications dating back centuries. Whether you're a beginner or an expert at applying edible metal leaf sheets, we have many options to choose from, including  loose leaf, soft press transfer sheets, and  hard press transfer sheets—each suitable for different types of projects and applications.