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The Difference Between Ceylon and Vietnamese Cinnamon

Shawn Gavin January 03, 2021

Ceylon Cinnamon or Vietnamese cinnamon, will the real cinnamon please stand up?

True Cinnamon or Saigon Cinnamon, which is right for your and how can you tell the difference?  Explore what makes these two cinnamons truly unique and how to incorporate them in your next recipe.

Looking for a healthy alternative for cinnamon in your recipes, have you tried Ceylon cinnamon.  Many people unfamiliar with this type of cinnamon describe it as not tasting or smelling like cinnamon. Do you want to know why? Watch the video below and then you decided what is best.

 Which Cinnamon is Best for Your Recipe?

Where to find different cinnamon varieties:

Cinnamon from the inland regions of Vietnam grown in small sustainable estates and dried traditionally in the sun. This variety of cinnamon is highest in violative oils than all varieties of cinnamon

True cinnamon from Ceylon, harvested from the cinnamomum verum tree comes directly from Sri Lanka, it is the true origin of Ceylon.  A soft, sweet and floral cinnamon that is underrated but versatile for both sweet and savory cooking.