Freeze Dried Acai Powder, Brazil

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Acai, the berry like fruit of the amazon for use in smoothies, fruit bowls and more

 We are sure you have heard people taking about it, taking pictures with it or just plain enjoying a bowl of it, açaí. Over the years, açaí has played an increasingly important role for Brazil and its farmers; improving the livelihood of communities, providing safe and stable working conditions and much needed economical resources.  Though what really is açaí and why should you use it in your home or kitchen?

Freeze dried acai powder is made from freeze drying the açaí berry, removing all moisture and grinding into a fine powder to preserve the delicate flavor profile of this Amazonian fruit

Acai is the fruit of the Eutrpe oleracea palm native to Brazil, Peru, Trinidad and several other nations commonly found in swamps and floodplains regions. These round berry like fruit hang from drape like branches of the açaí palm and when ripe are black to purple in color containing one single seed per berry.  Acai is harvested twice a year and contains less than 40 percent fruit by volume once the seed is removed.

 How to use freeze dried açaí in your fruit bowls and smoothies 

Often described as similar in flavor to both raspberries and pomegranates, freeze dried açaí can be easily added to shakes, smoothies, and fruit bowls by simply mixing in water or adding in with other ingredients when blending.  We suggest starting with 1-2 tbsp per eight ounce serving and adjusting up or down to fit your specific taste buds. Often times, açaí is also sweetened with sugar, honey, or traditionally gauraná but we personally enjoy letting the other fruits naturally lend their sweetness to the final product rather than adding additional sugars. Try for yourself and customize exactly how you enjoy açaí with our convenient, easy to use, and high quality açaí powder today or shop any of Slofoodgroup's great spices and flavor products. 



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