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Mace Blade, Sri Lanka
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Mace Blade, the lacy outer covering of the nutmeg seed also referred to as mace spice or whole mace 

A flavorfully pungent false fruit, mace spice is commonly found in ground form. To obtain whole mace, the lacy aril are removed from the outer seed of nutmeg by hand and slowly dried at controlled temperatures naturally by the sun. Each dried aril is referred to as a blade. Whole Mace can be used in many cooking applications from baked goods such as everyones favorite doughnuts, custards, puddings, cakes, cookies and even chocolates.  Mace also pairs exceptionally well with cherries, so take note you stone fruit lovers.

Why buy whole mace versus ground mace?

Flavor, flavor, flavor it all comes down to flavor.  Whole spices naturally carry larger flavor loads than their pre-ground counterparts.  If you have a spice grinder we highly suggest you utilize it and switch to whole mace today to ensure the freshest and most flavorful experience of mace.

*Our mace blade is non-GMO, certified kosher, organic, and gluten free.

what does mace taste and smell like:

  • mace is often described as a cross between cinnamon and pepper
  • aromatic spicy and pungent
  • citrus and floral notes with a finish often described as bitter 




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