Buy high quality cinnamons available in both quill and powder form. 

Ceylon cinnamon is light, fragrant, easy to break and resembles that of a rolled cigar.

Obtained from evergreens and known as cinnamomun, cinnamon is a kitchen staple for any home cook, baker or chef. Its flavor offers cinnamon enthusiast a sweet and subtly appealing cinnamon that compliments and enhances many dishes and is commonly preferred cinnamon of choice for health reasons.

Often misunderstood, Cinnamon, a valuable spice made from the inner bark of trees in the evergreen family is now available in several varieties.

In today's world, several varieties of cinnamon are consumed consisting of three distinct varieties.  Chinese cinnamon being the most commonly found cinnamon also referred to as Cassia is known for being a strong spicy flavor used often in American baking.  Saigon cinnamon also known as Vietnamese Cinnamon, is a more complex and aromatic cinnamon that is similar to cassia but color . Last but not least is our Ceylon cinnamon also referred to as True Cinnamon. True cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon, and Indonesian cinnamon offer the best of all cinnamon has to offer.  Whether you are looking for the spicy and peppery complexity of Vietnamese cinnamon or the floral delicacy of Sri Lankan cinnamon we have something to choose for everyone