Silver Leaf | Edible Silver Transfer Leaf Sheets | Pure Silver Lightly Attached to Transfer Backing


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Transfer Silver Leaf, your go to for covering large surface areas

Transfer Silver Leaf by Slofoodgroup.  Pure edible silver leaf sheets on transfer paper for easier application on large projects.  There are many possible uses for silver leaf outside of garnishing cakes, of other tasty treats. Silver leaf is commonly used for application in interior design (decorating walls), exterior renovation such as domes in churches, figurines, furniture restorations, Signage, Signboards and Photo frames, Scrap booking, mirrors and other craft work.

Ingredient Info:

Each book contains 25 sheets of 9cm by 9cm edible silver sheets on transfer paper.

PLEASE NOTE, with Genuine Silver metal leaf, it made with 100% pure silver and has a warmer color tone. Please note that Genuine silver will change color over time. So if one is to apply on to products it is necessary to varnish with a protective coating Artists sometimes desires the oxidized effects of the leaf, and use it as part of its design. We hope you enjoy our products and thank you for your business 

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