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Saffron | Persian, Negin Grade 1

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Persian Saffron

Saffron: the world's most expensive and sought after spice. There are various varieties of Saffron but our Saffron is Negin Grade 1 Saffron.  This saffron highly prized by gourmet chefs for its thicker and dark all red filaments and rates at the top of the color scale for all cuts of Saffron. The threads are  crimson red with deep and bold coloring. Of all the varieties of saffron (Greek, Spanish, Austrian), Persian Sargol Saffron continues to be the most valued for it's coloring (Corcin) and flavor (Safranal) properties across the globe. Saffron is used in many famous dishes such as Spanish Paella, French bouillabaisse (seafood dish), and Italian risotto speak volumes about saffron and its culinary value.  Saffron is even used in gelatos and Saffron rock candy found throughout the Middle East and Europe. Shop for saffron with confidence when you buy saffron from Slofoodgroup. We take quality seriously and we take our saffron seriously too.

Try our Persian Saffron and you will not be disappointed. We believe it is the best quality Saffron on the market. You have our unconditional quality and money back guarantee. When you buy Saffron from Slofoodgroup know that you are getting the absolute best and freshest Saffron you can find. 

  • ISO  Grade I rating - 259.3 coloring strength for Negin Grade 1 Saffron
  • All red filaments
  • Freshness guarantee
  • Saffron is available by the gram, ounce, pound or kilo.
  • all natural, gluten-free, kosher, non GMO
  • For whole sale or bulk orders of saffron please send us an email for quotation.

*User tip: for best coloring, when using Saffron, slightly grind saffron with mortar and pestle and add to steeping liquid. Let set for a minimum of 10 minutes (but we believe overnight is best).

100% Organic Natural ProductNon-GMO (Does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms)

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