High-Quality Saffron Spice - Negin and Sargol cut saffron

The finest qualities of Saffron threads, the culinary crown jewel of spices from Afghanistan


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Slofoodgroup’s Saffron Experts hand select each cut of saffron based on the three factors: aroma, coloring, and taste. Our high-quality saffron for sale features the finest quality filaments. It is rigorously tested based on ISO standards measuring the factors of crocin (color), picrocrocin (flavor), and safranal (aroma). Higher amounts of these compounds produce higher quality saffron as a result. Shop our saffron products today and enjoy high-quality saffron in all your favorite recipes.

How much saffron do I need?

For first time users of saffron, we recommend buying the one-gram saffron option of any variety. It is an ample amount of saffron and enough to feed yourself and some friends that paella dish you have been craving.

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