White Truffle Carpaccio

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Trifola d' Alba Madonna, thin-sliced White Truffle preserved in oil

The prized white truffle is known by several names, commonly referred to as trifola d' alba Madonna (which translates to "truffle of the white Madona" in Italian), and scientifically known as Tuber Magnatum Pico, is the most highly-regarded truffle on the market. Though they are seasonal, you can enjoy the Alba truffle year-round withe this beautiful truffle blend.

Just a small amount of white truffle adds deep flavor and pungent aroma to any dish. This fungus provides that umami taste, with unique earthy elements that many find difficult to describe. There's just really nothing quite like it. Try it for yourself and see why top chefs around the world are paying top dollar for this little tuber. 

Slofoodgroup white truffle carpaccio is perfect to enjoy at home or for gifting to your truffle loving friends.  Leave the truffle hunting to us, and enjoy these beautiful Siberian white truffles straight from the jar.

Shipping is always free when you order our quality ingredients. We deliver the flavor, all you have to do is choose the dish you want to enliven with it.

How to use White Truffle Carpaccio 

This White truffle carpaccio is thinly sliced at prime maturity and preserved in an olive oil blend with salt and aroma.  It will be a welcome addition to a dinner party antipasto, is exceptional for adding flavor to pasta, aioli, potatoes, or even just nibbled alongside an evening glass of wine with cheese and bread. White truffle carpaccio makes for an astonishing, yet surprisingly simple, addition to your culinary repertoire.

The flavor of the white truffle is one-of-a-kind and shouldn't be masked. We recommend finishing dishes with them rather than cooking with them. 

Where do white truffles grow? 

As is the case with many of the world's top ingredients and spices, obtaining white truffles comes with a good share of difficulties. All truffles are tubers. They grow underground—typically several inches underground. They find their homes alongside roots of trees such as oak, chestnut, and hazelnut, where they take part in a symbiotic relationship, exchanging nutrients and water for needed carbohydrates.

What do white truffles look like?

The outer skin of a white truffle is actually more tan in color than the name suggests. When sliced open, you'll find the segments to be light brown with noticeable white veins running throughout. 

Our truffle carpaccio includes paper-thin slices of the Trifola d' Alba Madonna and bathed in a blend of oils. They look beautiful scattered or fanned out across dishes. 

Where to buy white truffle 

While you can sometimes find white truffle in gourmet markets and seasonal markets globally, there are no quality guarantees. Truffles need to be picked at just the right time and flavor and aroma begin to dwindle quickly after they are unearthed. With Slofoodgroup truffle carpaccios, these properties have been preserved for freshness no matter what time of year it is. Join other top chefs from around the world by choosing Slofoodgroup as your go-to source for not only truffle carpaccios but for all thing spice and flavor related.  

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Taesha G.
United States United States
Excellent Choice

This is awesome I mixed this with white wine to create a truffle sauce. Simply amazing!

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