Gold & Silver Application Fan Brush, Size 2

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Touch ups, small spaces and general application brush



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A Fan Brush For Transfer and Application of Edible Gold and Silver

This soft-bristled, fan brush has a size 2 gilders tip, making it an exceptional option for applying edible gold or silver leaf products. It works well for both application and fine details in projects of both edible and gilding leaf purposes. These lightweight and easy to use brushes make the perfect companion for applying gold leaf and are also a great addition to that gift basket for the baker in your life. 

How To Use A Fan Brush For Gold And Silver Applications

To use a fan brush for applying gold or silver leaf to your creations, start by gently rubbing the bristle on the back of your hand to create a static charge. This will assist with lifting the gold or silver sheets from their booklets or pages and allows you to transfer your metal leaf to the desired surface area. 

Details and Specifications of This Size 2 Fan Brush 

  • These application brushes are made with 100% percent goat hair bristles, which are easy to use and maintain.
  • A birchwood handle makes these gliders brushes both aesthetically appealing and reliable.
  • Each brush comes in a copper tube with a chrome plated finish. 

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