Gold & Silver Dusting Brush, Size 2

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Application Brush for Edible Gold and Silver Dusting

Details about the Slofoodgroup gliders brush: 

These gliders brushes, or gold dusters, or dusting mop brushes are small, light, and convenient for edible gold and silver aesthetic perfection. The size 2 gliders brush can assist with gently brushing away excess gold or silver leaf skewing from your wonderful culinary or crafting creations. These gold dusters are available in single or bulk purchases and are the preferred choice of tool by many chefs, bakers, and craft enthusiasts when it comes to using loose leaf,  light press transfer leaf, or hard press transfer leaf.

Tips for using a gold duster:

When using the gliders brush, brush lightly. Gently sweeping gold or silver skewings from the project is the best way to ensure the excess gold or silver leaf do not scratch the surface. 

Specifications of the size 2 gliders brush for dusting metal leaf:

  • These gliders brushes are made of 100% pure goat hair.
  • The handles on Sofoodgroup gold dusters are made of birchwood for comfort and design aesthetics.
  • The outer brush size is 3 cm wide.
  • Slofoodgroup's size 2 gliders brushes are 20 cm long, for optimum stability.
  • Each of these gliders brushes weighs 18 grams.

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