Persian Saffron Threads | Sargol Cut Saffron


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Organic Persian Saffron of the Highest Quality

The high quality of our Persian saffron can be attributed to the care taken during cultivation, harvesting, and drying. The saffron threads, also known as filaments or stigmas & styles, are separated from the Crocus sativus flower prior to the drying process.

For many saffron enthusiasts, Sargol Cut saffron is preferred over the various other grades of saffron due to high levels of crocin, the property responsible for the distinct aroma of saffron and rich, well-balanced coloring. If the aroma is a core concern, we highly recommend this particular cut of Persian saffron for your favorite dishes, desserts, or rock candy treats.

When you buy this Persian saffron online, you have the option to purchase by the gram, by the ounce, by the pound, or if you are looking for larger 
quantities, please kindly send us an email request and we will happily accommodate your saffron needs. 

Ingredient Facts:

Buy our Saffron Online to Receive Sargol Cut Saffron with the Following Qualities

  • All red filaments
  • Persian Origin 
  • Well balanced aromatics and bright coloring 
  • used for both medicinal and cooking applications


Common uses for Saffron

Persian saffron threads are ideal for Teas, Gelatos, Stews, Rice Dishes, Seafood, Chicken, Candies, Bake-goods, Butter Sauces, and much more. Check out some of our favorite saffron recipes:

Lemon & Saffron Butter
Saffron Buns
Coconut Scented Persian Saffron Broth over Mussels

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