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Gourmet Sri Lankan Vanilla Beans, Planifolia

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Vanilla Beans from Ceylon


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Grade A Vanilla From Sri Lanka, Premium Quality Vanilla From The Land of Ceylon

Grown in valleys amongst tea plantations and rainforest, premium quality vanilla beans from Sri Lanka is a rare and prized specialty crop. The Vanilla plant is a fairly new commodity crop to this island nation of spices. Vanilla planifolia is the vanilla orchid of choice for cultivation in Sri Lanka and other Indian Ocean vanilla producing countries.  The vanilla vines grow high into the trees if not properly maintained and must be constantly cared for, pollinated and hand picked at just the right time of maturity.

Sri Lankan Vanilla has a well balanced vanilla profile and makes for great use in baked goods, vanilla extract and other vanilla products

These vanilla beans are 14 cm and up, the vanilla pod itself is soft and pliable, easy to spilt up and contains a generous amount of vanilla seeds. The seeds from the vanilla bean have a familiar bourbon vanilla flavor profile, and a rich, smooth, and silky chocolate flavor that makes these beans a stand out classic for making vanilla extract.

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Vanilla Beans from Ceylon

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