Vanilla Bean Cuts

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Vanilla Cuts for Making Pure Vanilla Extract 

All-natural vanilla beans cuts and pieces for use in making vanilla extract.  Feeling like making vanilla extract but not wanting to do the work? Try these real vanilla bean cuts and take the work out of the process.  Simply add vanilla cuts to a container, cover with the recommended amount of alcohol and shake once a week for 60-90 days. Once fully aged, filter and bottle your vanilla extract. What's left is a beautiful, fragrant and flavorful vanilla extract for all your baking needs.


About our vanilla bean cuts and what to expect

These vanilla cuts are about .5 inch to .75 inch bean pieces from whole pods that just did not make the cut (no pun intended). The pods were rejected from a gourmet classification because they were split, or broken but are perfectly suitable for making vanilla extract. Cut vanilla is a wonderfully economic choice for making vanilla extract at home. 

Looking for glass bottles for making vanilla extract?  You can find our extract bottles here 

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