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Pure Vanilla Extract

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Real vanilla extract made with all the love and attention it deserves


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Single Fold Pure Vanilla Extract Made From Premium Vanilla Beans From Madagascar, Uganda and Papua New Guinea

Slofoodgroup pure vanilla extract is composed of a blend of high-quality vanilla beans from some of the top vanilla producers in the world. Unlike many store-bought vanilla extracts, this is a real vanilla extract, and you can taste the difference. This single fold vanilla extract is dark, creamy, rich, and incredibly fragrant. Vanilla extract is made from extract grade vanilla beans, which often contain splits and cracks. The lower moisture content in these beans means the vanilla flavor is extremely concentrated, making them perfect for long infusion processes like making real vanilla extract. Ours is made from only the finest vanilla beans and aged a minimum of 180 days, then lightly filtered, and bottled in an air-tight container. 

Why Our Pure Vanilla Extract is Superior to Other Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract is exceptional in absolutely every recipe that calls for vanilla. Try it in a side-by-side taste test with the vanilla 'flavored' alternative and you'll see why the real thing is far superior! The use of vanilla extract is the most common method of infusing recipes with the prized flavor of vanilla beans. It is used in both cooking and baking recipes worldwide in place of vanilla beans because it is much easier to keep on hand, is quicker to use, and it stores better.

This particular blend of pure, single fold vanilla extract is composed of some of the best vanilla beans from around the world. It is suitable for enhancing any recipe that calls for vanilla extract. 

How to Enhance Recipes with Pure Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract, when pure, flavors any recipe exceptionally well on its own but it can also be used to complement the use of vanilla beans or vanilla powder in any recipe, adding an extra vanilla essence. You will absolutely love the results!

Consider using this real vanilla extract as a flavor addition for holiday gifts for friends or family. The most common uses include an array of baked goods, such as cookies, scone, and other pastries; but we love it in flavored beverages such as teas, cocktails, or eggnog, and an assortment of other desserts, such as ice cream, gelato, buttercreams (salivating yet?).

We think our pure vanilla extract is phenomenal but understand if you'd rather make your own. Here's a great recipe for making real vanilla extract with rum, bourbon, or traditionally with vodka! Start with Grade B Vanilla Beans and put them in these lovely extract bottles!

*As is true for our full line of vanilla extract, this variety has been certified kosher by a reputable kosher certification agency.

Slofoodgroup offers free standard shipping, every day on all products. Spend less time searching for a great product and shop with confidence with us online. Whether you need just a pinch saffron or more than a pound of vanilla beans, all of our products ship free!

Real vanilla extract made with all the love and attention it deserves
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Catherine S.
United States United States
Great Produce, Wonderful Customer Service

There was an error in my order. I called customer service and it was resolved immediately. I love their vanilla extract!

Sue C.
United States United States
Locally hard to find products

I was thrilled to find a source for products I don't have access to locally at a reasonable price. My order was shipped immediately and I received it in just two days. Now I can get cooking.

Phillip S.
United States United States
Vanilla extract

I made zucchini bread and the wife loved it hope this helps

Dahna J.
United States United States
Great vanilla extract

I'm very happy with this vanilla extract, flavor is good, packaging is good. Was shipped promptly and safely

Devonda A.
United States United States
Excellent product

Excellent product and the delivery was quick and effortless. Will definitely purchase again.

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