Preserved Black Summer Truffles

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Ingredients 30 grams whole black truffle, truffle juice, salt

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Perfectly preserved in a glass jars to use in your favorite recipes, Slofoodgroup black truffles are the ultimate food lover companion. These expertly forged truffles have been preserved for use year around in kitchens across the world.  Whether you are keeping these culinary black diamonds to yourself, or gifting to friends and family, preserved truffles can be used in a plethora of recipes.

How to use truffles that have been preserved 

While these many not be as good as fresh tuber aestivum truffles, we do believe they are the next best thing and here are our tips on how to make the most of these truffles....

Rather than slicing over a dish, we recommend chopping, slicing and even sautéing with butter . Aioli's are also a great use for preserved truffles. Add a few slices to some scrambled eggs sautéed with fresh garlic. Truffle vinaigrette or even a truffle tapenade substituting black truffle for olives and a splash of truffle oil with a nice olive oil, garlic and herbs of your choice.   

Where do summer truffles come from? 

Burgundy truffles can be found all across Europe, France, Italy, Spain and more.  These truffles specifically come from Serbia which over the last ten years has becoming a leading example for high quality truffles. Most truffles from Serbia are actually exported to the likes of France and Italy and reexported as French or Italian origin.



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