Bunch Saffron, Dasteh Saffron from Afghanistan

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Buy Hard to Find Bunch Saffron Online at Slofoodgroup

Hard to find but perfect for those that love saffron and all it properties.  Considered a lower grade of saffron by many, bunch saffron consists of the whole saffron flower filament including the full stigma and style.  From the very tip of deep red tops known as sargol, down to the negin (the top of the thread that is red just down to the orange) and the remaining style of yellow to white is the bunch.  Internationally, most saffron that is sold is only the red filament but traditionally the full filament is used in many countries and regions that actually grow saffron.

 About our bunch saffron spice

  • Bunch saffron consists of full length of thread, both the stigma and stye
  • Referred to as red and yellow saffron
  • Styles contain little to no coloring or flavor properties
  • White and yellows of stye can contain higher amounts of aroma from Safranal
  • Single estate harvest in Afghanistan and Kosher certified 

Research suggests saffron spice contains many potential health benefits

While research suggests many health benefits related to the intake of saffron or saffron supplements we strongly advise any consumer that is looking to introduce such products to their dietary intake, consult their doctor or health care adviser.  Slofoodgroup does not provide any advise or consultancy in such matters. 



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