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Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Rich and buttery, considered a delicacy by mushroom lovers

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Dried Black Trumped Mushrooms For Cooking Online

Packed with a flavor and at times considered a poor man's truffle, black trumpet mushrooms offer an earthy, rustic, and almost smoky flavor. These wild mushrooms cannot be cultivated and are found growing in the wild on the east coast and west coast of the North America, Turkey and other regions around the world. Mostly they are found on hillsides with mossy areas of forest usually surrounded by trees such as oak, beech wood, and along the outer banks of small streams with leaf litter.
No time to go foraging yourself? You can now buy dried black trumpets online and see what fuss and flavor is all about.

How to cook with the "trompette de la mort" or trumpet of death as it is known in France
Facts about these black trumpet mushrooms

Do not worry the trumpet of death is not dangerous, the name is simply an ode to the black color of this fungi. Much like other dried mushrooms, these precious black culinary jewels can be easily rehydrated by covering with boiling water and allowing to soak for 15-20 minutes until tender. Food and wine once called these mushrooms" training wheels for black truffles" due to their irresistible flavor and less is more approach when using in cooking.

The great thing about these mushrooms is that you do not need a lot Too much black trumpet can make a dish bitter. We suggest enjoying these with rich dishes with and ample amounts of fat; duck fat, butter fat, cream, dressings, you name it.

Ideas for using these mushrooms at home
Black trumpets also go well with bread and dough recipes. Think of focaccia or a nice sour dough. Try in risottos, like this recipe, simply substitute the morels in the recipe for trumpet mushrooms. Another great idea is using these mushrooms to make a compound butter like this ribeye with truffle butter recipe.

  • Origin- Non cultivated wild forage horn of plenty from the fertile soils of Turkey

  • Appearance - trumpet shaped with black to charcoal gray color

  • Seasonality - summer and fall

  • Other common names - horn of plenty, trumpet of death, black trumpet and craterellus cornucopioides

  • Storage - Wild mushrooms can be safety stored in an air tight container generally speaking for 12-18 months; however once opened we do recommend storing in cooler temperature such as your fridge at temperatures of 38-40 degrees for best results. A lot pests love all types of fungi so it is always best to take care

Frequently Asked Questions

Considered the poor man’s truffle, black trumpet mushrooms, scientifically known as Craterellus cornucopioides, are a type of wild edible mushroom that are highly sought after by chefs and mushroom enthusiasts. They are also known by various other names such as black chanterelles, trumpet of the dead, and horn of plenty. These mushrooms have a unique appearance with a trumpet-like shape and a dark, velvety black to charcoal gray color.
Black Trumpet Mushrooms have a rustic and earthy flavor that is often described as nutty and buttery. They have a delicate and slightly smoky aroma, which becomes more pronounced when cooked. The flavor of these mushrooms intensifies when they are dried, making them a popular choice for culinary applications.
Yes, Black Trumpet Mushrooms (Craterellus cornucopioides) are edible and safe to eat when properly identified and cooked. If you are unsure about the identification or safety of any mushroom, it is best to consult with an expert mycologist or rely on commercially available mushrooms from reputable sources such as Slofoodgroup.
Black Trumpet Mushrooms are typically found growing in deciduous forests near decaying wood or mossy areas. Particularly in North America and Turkey. They have a symbiotic relationship with certain tree species, such as oak, and beech. These mushrooms tend to thrive in moist and shaded environments and can be found scattered or clustered on the forest floor, blending in with the leaf litter and debris.
Black Trumpet Mushrooms are typically in season during late summer to early autumn.
Proper storage of dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms is crucial to maintain their quality and flavor. To store, make sure they are in an airtight container and keep them in a cool and dark location to extend shelf life.
Yes, dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms can be used as a substitute for fresh ones in various recipes. However, it's important to note that the flavor and texture may differ slightly.
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Excellent- I would definitely buy again!

Exemplary art in every try way!

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Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Hard to find, and these are great!

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Black trumpet mushrooms

Trumpet mushrooms were wonderful fresh dried , full of flavor would like to have a pile of these in the stash !

Tia B.
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Delicious and Earthy

I love the flavor these mushrooms give to soups and gravies. I reconstitute in hot water, strain and use the mushroom broth and the pieces for an amazing depth of flavor. I’m so thankful to have found these. Great quality at a fair price.

Michael M.
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Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Top-notch! Will buy again.