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The Health Benefits of Saffron

Slofoodgroup Team September 15, 2020

One of the best parts of cooking is experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. After all, everyone gets tired of making the same dish all of the time. Chefs who want to branch out ought to consider adding saffron to their spice rack. The spice has an earthy, flowery taste to it that’s almost too unique to describe. Yet, its distinct flavor and rich coloring add a kick to any dish. What’s more, there are health benefits of saffron that may convince more chefs to implement it into their meals.

Fights Against Depression

Many people refer to saffron as the “sunshine spice” due to its bright color. Yet, another reason why the nickname fits is that scientists have proven that this ingredient helps fight symptoms of depression. Studies have shown that those who digest 30mg of saffron a day have improved moods; their experiences are similar to people who are prescribed medication for the disease. Although more research has to be done to determine the long-term effects of saffron on depression, the spice may be a more natural remedy for folks who want to shy away from traditional drugs. Ultimately, though, always consult your doctor when it comes to treating any illnesses.

Improves Weight Loss

This year has been incredibly stressful for everyone. Thus, it’s understandable that folks may have packed on a few unwanted pounds. People who want to shed the additional weight would be happy to know that research suggests saffron aids in weight loss. Some studies have proven that people who eat saffron daily have a weaker appetite; thus, they lose a few extra pounds. One reason why this may be is that the spice improves people’s moods; therefore, they have less desire to snack throughout the day. Anyone who’s struggled with munching throughout the day should definitely consider putting the ingredient on their grocery lists the next time they make the trip.

Memory Booster

Scientists all over the world are fighting to find cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Well, it turns out that a saffron extract called crocin may aid them in the battle. Crocin improves memory retention and cognitive function, so countries around the world are trying to use its biomedical benefits to their advantage. The spice can also reduce inflammation in the brain that is linked to these debilitating diseases. This research shows that the “sunshine spice” has capabilities beyond adding flavor and color to a dish. People should speak to their physicians about this research if they want more information.

Relieve Symptoms of the Common Cold

Fall is just around the corner. Soon, runny noses and itchy throats will be here to stay. Although there’s no exact cure for the common cold, saffron may help relieve symptoms. The spice is rich in antioxidants, so if folks add it to a glass of warm milk, their sinuses may open up. Some people even dip a washcloth into the milk and saffron mixture and place it on their foreheads. Since the flavoring agent is full of antioxidants, it’s excellent for individuals’ skin and may help them get rid of a pesky fever. There’s no harm in trying any of these remedies when the temperatures drop and cold season is in full swing.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that no one will experience the full health benefits of saffron unless they buy a high-quality product. Cheaper, imitation versions of the flavoring additive will fail to have the same effect as the real thing. Thus, chefs should check out our expansive selection of saffron for sale at Slofoodgroup. Our ingredients are pure and measure up to ISO standards, so people can rest assured that they’re getting the finest quality ingredients when shopping with us.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure

People who are at risk for heart disease or have high blood pressure might consider adding saffron to their kitchen pantries. More human-based research needs to be done to prove the results, but studies involving animals show that the spice can lower the risk of clogged arteries because it’s rich in antioxidants. The ingredient’s anti-inflammatory properties assist in improving cardiovascular health, as well. Everyone should be mindful of their heart’s health so that they’re able to cook and enjoy life well into the future.

Improved Eyesight

Who doesn’t want to have 20/20 vision? Adding saffron to a grocery list may help folks achieve this goal. Millions of people suffer from a condition called age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD affects people as they get older; the small portion of the retina (known as the macular) wears down over time. There are medications that can slow down the symptoms, but the saffron extract crocin can also aid in the fight. Essentially, crocin increases blood flow to the eye, which causes it to dilate, thus, improving one’s vision. Natural treatments aren’t for everyone; however, individuals who’ve tried over-the-counter medication and are tired of it not working should think about adding more saffron to their diets.

Catch Some Zs

So many people are experiencing insomnia because there’s so much going on in the world right now. Sleep aids do help some individuals, but lots report still feeling drowsy the next day. An all-natural alternative to sleep deprivation is saffron. In recent studies, people have reported getting a better night’s sleep when they digested the ingredient before bed. Folks said they didn’t wake up as much throughout their slumber and felt more rested the following day. Saffron’s powerful extracts and antioxidants may be potential reasons for this. Although more in-depth studies are needed, the “sunshine spice” may help night owls get the rest they need.

Saffron isn’t a typical item on someone’s grocery list, but it should be. The ingredient adds a unique flavor and color to any dish, and there are plenty of saffron-inspired recipes out there for people to try. If these reasons aren’t convincing enough, there are so many health benefits of saffron that could improve someone’s overall well-being. Curious minds ought to do a little research of their own to see how scientists across the world are adding the spice into various treatments. The results will stun skeptics, and perhaps they’ll start adding the flavoring agent to every meal they create.

The Health Benefits of Saffron