Ceylon Cinnamon Quills, Sri Lankan
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Cinnamon sticks from the land of Ceylon

Ceylon Cinnamon Quills, True Sri Lankan Cinnamon 

Sri Lankan cinnamon, or Ceylon cinnamon, is often referred to by the monikers true cinnamon and sweet cinnamon because of the historical presence and flavor profile that differs from the more common, Cassia cinnamon. While of the same genus, Cinnamomum, cassia bark. has a much harsher taste than its (in our opinion, far superior) Ceylon cousin.

For the sake of trade and purchase today, all species are considered cinnamon, but as per its original Latin origins, true cinnamon is the scientific literal translation of cinnamon bark derived from the Cinnamomum Verum tree. Sri Lankan cinnamon sticks, while less common and more expensive, are favored by Pastry Chefs in Europe for their soft, delicate, and clean cinnamon flavor.  A large difference between Ceylon cinnamon quills and Cassia cinnamon sticks is that the Ceylon variety is filled like a fine cigar. The flesh is soft and brittle and easily broken by hand, whereas Cassia cinnamon or Cassia bark is hardier and woodier and do not break easily.

This particular organic cinnamon stick from Sri Lankan is C5-special grade, the finest, and most sought-after grade of Ceylon cinnamon quill in the world. 

Looking for Ceylon cinnamon powder instead? You can find it here.

What You Can Expect When You Buy Ceylon Cinnamon Quills from SloFoodGroup:

  • Cinnamon is sourced from the bark of various species of the genus Cinnamomum. Most Cinnamomum is tree-farmed in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam, and much of Asia, though less often in the latter region. This particular cinnamon comes from the Cinnamomum Verum tree and is the one true cinnamon. It is sourced from Sri Lanka, formerly known as the colony of Ceylon, taste and see the difference, you'll likely never go back to the Cassia variety. 
  • Whether you buy Ceylon cinnamon quills in small amounts or bulk quantities, you'll receive your delivery of premium cinnamon sticks swiftly and, for domestic orders, we'll cover shipping costs. 
  • C-5 Special grade cinnamon sticks, the highest-quality of cinnamon in the world, prized by bakers everywhere. Alba grade cinnamon quills have little to no foxing, meaning there are no blemishes caused by excessive moisture and will be thinner than other grades of Ceylon cinnamon quills.
  • Ceylon cinnamon contains far less coumarin than Cassia cinnamon. Coumarin is a naturally-derived flavoring substance that can be toxic in large quantities.
  • These premium Ceylon cinnamon quills are cut to 5-inches and have a uniform thickness.
  • SloFoodGroup products are always all natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • Our Ceylon Cinnamon quills have been certified kosher by EarthKosher. 

How is Ceylon Cinnamon Produced?

A tree is grown and nurtured for about 2 years at which point it is chopped down to a stump. After a short time, dozens of small shoots spring up from the stump. The shoots are allowed to mature and thicken to about two inches in diameter. After the green outer bark is then shaved off and the inner bark is struck evenly and bruised until it releases from the heart of the wood. This inner bark is removed in large sheets, cut into strips, and air-dried. These strips are then curled into quills of cinnamon that are further dried in ovens or by baking outside under the sun. After achieving a sufficient "tan", the quills are sent on their way around the world, where they are prized by bakers, culinary enthusiasts, and holistic healers.

What Are Some Of the Best Ways to Use Ceylon Cinnamon Quills?

Sri Lankan cinnamon, aka: Ceylon cinnamon, is smooth and aromatic with hints of citrus, sugar, and butter. It's known for being sweeter and more subtle than other varieties of cinnamon. That complex aroma is a perfect all-purpose cinnamon for using in curries, stews, and a wide assortment of pastries. Try dusting over oatmeal or mixing with sugar on buttered toast. We highly recommend using this cinnamon in the Mexican rice milk drink, horchata, or in the English favorite, eggnog. Or, try it our recipe for a mango vegan ice cream!


Cinnamon sticks from the land of Ceylon
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Debra H.
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Great Buying Experience

The service was fantastic as was the product (cinnamon sticks). Will definitely order from them again!

Whit D.
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Great Product

Great product, love the new packaging, a single hard plastic container I can place on the counter and it's not in the way!

Lendy P.
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Very Pleased

Very Good. In fact, I'm ordering another package of Ceylon cinnamon today.

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Ceylon Sticks

The product was good. Nice quality. Shipping did take a long while but other than that it was fine.

Jennifer A.
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Amazing cinnamon!

This cinnamon is the best and they ship very, very quickly! Highly recommend!

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