24K Edible Gold Transfer Sheets, Soft Press

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Edible gold sheets that are lightly attached to transfer paper


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Details about Soft Press Edible Gold Transfer Sheets  

Light Press Edible Gold Leaf Transfer Sheets, the perfect accent for cakes, pastries, and other culinary works of art

Light press transfer gold is a thinly-pounded gold leaf that is lightly attached to transfer leaf paper. Soft press 24 karat gold transfer sheets differ from hard press transfer sheets in that hard press transfer gold is firmly attached to transfer backing for application to larger surface areas, whereas soft press edible gold lifts easily from its book, is quite delicate, needs to be handled with care, and is better suited for culinary accenting.

Edible gold leaf, or gold sheet, as it is sometimes referred to is gold that has been hammered into flat sheets that are as thin as rice paper. Soft press edible gold is commonly used to add a feeling of elegance or luxury to a dish without fully encasing it.

24 karat edible gold leaf is odorless and tasteless. So it won't alter the dish beyond aesthetic appeal. Edible gold is "biologically inert" and perfectly safe to consume. It passes through the digestive tract and is not absorbed.

Soft press edible gold lends itself to both sweet or savory culinary projects. Our 24 karat gold transfer sheets are absolutely pure patent gold leaf. If you are shopping for edible gold flake they can be found here

How much gold leaf is needed for decorating cakes, pastries, or other culinary delights? We can help you figure it out with our metal leaf calculator. Its not perfect like the rest of us, but comes in handy and you can change the margin based on your own skill level and experience. The margin is just our standard recommendation.

How Much Do You Need

Surface Area Calculator


You will need 1 sheets.

Disclaimer: The 35% margin calculated into your order for both gold leaf and silver leaf was estimated through multiple product tests. Based off our experience, it is our very best estimated margin. However, depending on skill level of application and additions to cake that may cause variations in its size, you may still need more (or less) than this.

Ingredient facts about edible gold leaf:

  • Pure gold is the only material used in these edible gold sheets.
  • Slofoodgroup edible gold leaf is made of 24 karat gold.
  • The gold leaf in these booklets comes on transfer sheets for easy application.
  • This genuine edible gold leaf is thinly pounded and soft press, making it perfect for culinary accents.
  • This 24k edible gold is vegan and kosher certified.

Uses for soft press edible gold:

Gold Leaf is available in 10 or 25 sheet booklets. Each sheet is lightly pressed on transfer paper that measure 8cm by 8cm, or 3.15 in by 3.15 in. Slofoodgroup edible gold leaf is encased in heat sealed envelopes to prevent moisture damage. This is soft-press, food-grade gilding gold leaf and is manufactured to the standard European size of 80 x 80 mm (3.15 x 3.15 inches).

Buy 24 karat gold transfer sheets online from Slofoodgroup.com and receive it with free shipping domestically. You'll enjoy its many uses and luxury feel in no time.

Edible Gold leaf looks remarkably striking with chocolates, cake decorating, and garnishing. It has been used commonly in India for centuries, placed as a garnish on the main dish during festive occasions, and donning various sweet treats.

Our 24 karat gold leaf is ideal for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and desserts, as well as gilding, crafting, and scrapbooking. Each gold sheet is separated by a dusted piece of transfer paper to prevent sticking.

Directions for using soft-press edible gold transfer sheets.

*To use gold leaf:

Avoid touching gold leaf with your hands or fingers. The oils on your skin contribute to the edible gold leaf sticking. Do not breath directly on any gold leaf or it will blow away and possibly take on a crinkle effect.

Use a pairing knife, tweezers, or razor to cut away the portion of the transfer gold sheet that you wish to use. Pick up the piece of gold using just the tip of your knife or tool and gently touch the item you are applying the gold leaf to; it should immediately stick to the item, as it applies very easily to surfaces.

When buying edible gold leaf sheets online, buy gold leaf from Slofoodgroup to be assured that you are getting a great product and a great price.

Need a gliders brush for dusting away excess gold skewings? You can buy the Slofoodgroup gliders brush here. 

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Kenny S.
United States United States

Awesome, pure quality u don't hv 2 look no-further then Slofoodgroup. I'm a fan 4life.The 24k Edible Gold tastes like u won't it 2 taste, it makes any food u eat it w/pop. Buy it u will enjoy it. U don't hv 2 b-rich 2 eat rich. I highly recommend this product. Also, the Persian Saffron is on the money. My co-worker who is Persian was at ah when she smelled it. So it's real...

Leslie H.
United States United States
Great company, great product

I have ordered this product several times and love it. The company is also great! Fast shipping and excellent customer service!

Teisha S.
United States United States
Love it

I heard so many good things about this product so I had to try. I really loved it. There was a slight learning curve but it was not too difficult. Using either a brush or tweezers worked well. Quality product.

Candice P.
United States United States
Beautiful and sparkly

I needed 24kt gold leaf for a wedding cake and it added the perfect amount of sparkle! My bride loved it so much! Thank you!

Slofoodgroup LLC 24K Edible Gold Transfer Sheets, Soft Press Review
Novi T.
United States United States
Great Product!

This made my cake so beautiful! It was a little tricky to work with at first. It definitely got stuck to some things that it shouldn't on my first try, BUT it was easy to work with once I got the hang of it. LOVE IT!

Slofoodgroup LLC 24K Edible Gold Transfer Sheets, Soft Press Review

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