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24K Edible Gold Transfer Sheets, Hard Press

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Gold foil Sheets firmly attached to transfer paper


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24 Karat Hard Press Edible Gold Leaf

Easily add visual appeal to baking and crafting projects with edible gold.

This 24K Edible gold leaf comes on firm transfer sheets. Because hard press gold sheets are firmly attached to transfer backing, they are the preferred edible gold type for applying to large surface areas such as custom cakes, furniture, or other surfaces.

Each book is 3.15 inches by 3.15 inches.  We offer edible gold leaf that is available in 10 sheet books or 25 sheet books and provide quantity discounts, should you need additional books to cover your creation. Each book of edible gold transfer sheets is crafted by hand. First, the gold is weighed, then melted, and cut into pieces before moving on to the next stage in the process. In the second stage of processing edible gold transfer sheets, the gold is packed into molds and dried. Once the gold is removed from the molds it is beat, stamped, and cut into perfect squares of for easy application.

Not sure how much gold leaf you need? Try our metal leaf calculator. It is not perfect like the rest of us but comes in handy. Plus, you can change the margin based on your own skill level and experience with edible gold for baking and crafting. The margin is our standard recommendation.

How Much Do You Need

Surface Area Calculator


You will need 1 sheets.

Disclaimer: The 35% margin calculated into your order for both gold leaf and silver leaf was estimated through multiple product tests. Based off our experience, it is our very best estimated margin. However, depending on skill level of application and additions to cake that may cause variations in its size, you may still need more (or less) than this.

Ingredient information for hard press 24K edible gold sheets:

This product listing is for pure gold, 99.9 percent AU. Edible gold leaf is an extremely delicate and fragile product and extreme care must be taken when working with it. Pure gold is incredibly soft and must be pounded extremely thin to firmly attach to transfer backing for application purposes. As such, if care is not taken, it could crinkle, fold, blow away, or stick to unintended surfaces. However, this gold will not come loose easily like our light press transfer sheets and is firmly attached to transfer backing sheets.

Uses and details for hard press gold leaf: 

  • Hard press gold sheets are ideal for applying gold leaf to large surface areas such as full tiers of cakes, border accents larger pastries, or entire coverings on an array of sweet and savory dishes.
  • These edible gold transfer sheets are also commonly used in furniture, woodworking, ceramics, and other hobby or professional projects.
  • Each book of hard press gold sheet covers nearly 2 (1 ⅚)  square feet if used appropriately.
  • Each sheet is a thickness of .12 microns, or as thin as rice paper. 
  • These gold leaf sheets are vegan, gluten free, and have been certified kosher by a Rabbi at EarthKosher.

If you have any questions about this product, how to use it, or otherwise please simply send us an email.

Tips for using hard press edible gold transfer sheets:

To use hard press gold leaf:

Remove the edible gold sheet and cut the size needed for your project. If covering a cake, make sure your cake surface is slightly tacky. Conduct an application test in a small area before attempting to apply your edible gold to the complete surfaces area. Dry fondants will most likely need an application of food-grade glue or a brushing of simple syrup. Brush away the excess gold skewings and smooth the area by lightly brushing with gold duster brush.

Looking for a soft press edible gold transfer sheet for smaller surface areas or accents? You can find soft press transfer gold leaf sheets here!

Gold foil Sheets firmly attached to transfer paper
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Patricia Q.
United States United States
24 k gold

Great to use, looked good and easy. Everyone was impressed.

Michaela P.
Canada Canada

Very user friendly and adds the perfect touch to desserts! Would definitely buy this item again. If a beginner with Gold Leaf I recommend the hard press sheets.

Michaela Pho verified customer review of 24K Edible Gold Transfer Sheets, Hard Press
Maryann N.
United States United States
The best product by far!!

Great, easy to use and I highly recommend this product!!

Sumayyah R.
Australia Australia
Amazing product for a great price

Fabulous! The whole experience from purchasing online to using the product. Wouldn’t buy gold leaf anywhere else!

Sumayyah Rad verified customer review of 24K Edible Gold Transfer Sheets, Hard Press

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