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Extract Grade B Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Tahiti

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The most exquisite vanilla beans from Tahiti for vanilla extract


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Extraction Grade B Vanilla Beans from Tahiti

Grade B Vanilla is an ideal choice for making homemade vanilla extract and other recipes requiring lengthy infusion times. Think beyond vanilla extract from scratch and purpose your extraction grade vanilla Tahitensis for brewing beer or making wine. Exract grade Tahitian Vanilla Beans are also the preferred choice for contributing fragrance, adding a floral aroma to soaps, perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, and other items without overpowering the senses. 

Our Grade B vanilla beans from Tahiti are typically 14 cm or less, not uniform in length, and are sold by the ounce. As is the case with all extraction grade vanilla, our Tahitian vanilla for making extract and more contain cosmetic blemishes, are sometimes split, cracked, or scarred. While they are not perfect in appearance, these extract grade vanilla beans are produced in the islands of Tahiti and are nothing short of remarkable. They are produced on the same farm as our grade A vanilla beans, but simply do not fit into stringent gourmet classification.

Extraction grade Tahitian vanilla beans are soft and pliable but better utilized by chopping to make vanilla extract. This method of chopping the vanilla beans is less time consuming and results in a superior vanilla extract. The standard ratio for making single fold vanilla extract with any vanilla bean is .83 ounces of vanilla to every one cup solvent like vodka, bourbon, brandy, or rum; food-grade vegetable glycerin can also be used for a nonalcoholic version of vanilla extract.  We personally find vegetable glycerin to be overly sweet but it is a great alternative for those with gluten allergies or just an aversion to alcohol and still wish to enjoy cooking with vanilla extract.  For step-by-step instructions on making a homemade vanilla extract, check out this article or this video.

Want Grade A Vanilla Beans from Tahiti instead? Here they are! 

*These extract grade vanilla beans are non-GMO, gluten free, all-natural, vegan, and, as is true for all vanilla beans, they meet the requirements for Kosher acceptability.  

Buy Extraction Vanilla Tahitensis and you will notice:

Tahitian Vanilla for making extract has an incredibly complex flavor profile. It's renowned the world over for its deep stone fruit, floral, and cherry undertones. Making vanilla extract with Grade B vanilla beans from Tahiti is a great choice for a unique and complex approach to cooking and baking recipes. Enjoy the world's rarest vanilla beans and experience for yourself why including vanilla from Tahiti in your recipes, will bring your concoctions to a new level of incredible.

Flavor Profile of Grade B Vanilla Beans From Tahiti:

sweet summer cherries, ripe fruit, licorice, caramel, and star anise.

Uses for Extraction Grade Vanilla Tahitensis:

custards, cream bases, vanilla extract, chocolate, brewing, soap making, lotions etc.

The most exquisite vanilla beans from Tahiti for vanilla extract
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Deborah H.
United States United States
Vanilla Beans

I poured vodka over the beans and hoping to have delicious extract in about six months to a year. The hard part will be waiting.

Patricia b.
United States United States
The Best

I had only bought vanilla beans from a grocery store before. I had never ordered fresh ones. These are amazing! I used them to make vanilla with vodka. It’s going to make my homemade vanilla so much better!

David G.
United States United States
No Issues

Would purchase from Slo Food Group again

Judy W.
United States United States
Vanilla Beans

The extract beans were soft and plump. I look forward to the end results.

Slofoodgroup LLC Extract Grade B Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Tahiti Review
Julie H.
United States United States
Very good quality

I purchased 1 oz grade B Tahitian beans for extract. I didn't think of counting at the time, but I probably had 11 or 12 beans, of various lengths. The beans were moist and in great shape. I would buy it again.

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