Gourmet Ugandan Vanilla Beans, Planifolia


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Some of the World's Best Bourbon Vanilla: Ugandan Vanilla Beans

Bourbon vanilla beans from Uganda are some of the finest of Vanilla Planifolia.  Chef's and vanilla purists have begun to recognize the superior quality of these Grade A Vanilla Beans. They are earthy, bold, extremely flavorful and have an aroma reminiscent of figs, milk chocolate, and raisins with warm rich, buttery undertones.  Ugandan vanilla beans produce a higher-than-average vanillin content, making them perfect for rich desserts, chocolate truffles, or vanilla extract. We are obsessed with these vanilla beans not only because of the vastness of their flavor but also because of our passion for supporting the community and family in Uganda that grow, cure and process these magnificent, gourmet vanilla beans. 

*Need help understanding the difference in grades of vanilla beans? Check this out.

What makes Ugandan Vanilla Beans stand out?

  • Each vanilla bean from Uganda is approximately 15+ cm in length.
  • Ugandan vanilla lends itself well to extracts, sugars, gelatos, and pastries.
  • The average number of Grade A vanilla beans per pound is between 130 and 160. 
  • Vanilla in Uganda is produced twice a year, so our product always incredibly fresh.
  • Our vanilla beans are always all natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • These and all our vanilla beans are perfectly acceptable for Kosher use without official Kosher supervision.
  • Add another level of depth to your recipes when you use both Ugandan vanilla Beans and Sri Lankan Cloves in the same recipe.

*always store vanilla beans in an airtight container in a cool and dark place

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Lori M.
United States

Excellent product and service

Excellent vanilla beans and super quick delivery! I will definitely order again ! Thanks !

Joanne S.
United States

Ugandan Vanilla Beans

Excellent beans. Will buy from again.

Aaron W.
United States

Great service.

I ordered these beans after seeing beanilla was all sold out. Product was shipped promptly and was fair priced. Glad I found them.

Amber S.
United States

these smell wonderful

We have begun to make homemade vanilla extract. These Ugandan beans have smelled the absolute best of all the different beans we have ordered. I hope that they will all taste amazing, but to go just off smell, Ugandan are the most rich and aromatic bean.

Amber S.
United States

I'm going to make homemade vanilla extract

I am giving 4 stars because I don't quite know how these beans will do for homemade vanilla extract. I will know in a few months-year. These beans arrived quickly and to me, smell like the Tahitian beans I bought from this site. I hope they taste different in the final result. But I am excited and I am making a batch to give as a gift from these beans too.

Slofoodgroup LLC

Hi Amber, thanks for the review and feedback. While some vanilla may have similarities to other origins these beans are specifically grown in Uganda and of the species vanilla planifolia. If you have absolutely and questions or need some assistance, please reach out. Thanks for your business and happy holidays.

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