Ceylon Black Tea, Pekoe Grade

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Sri Lankan black tea, a coveted variety of tea grown in Ceylon and available online

   Strong and full bodied in flavor, this black tea contains high amounts of caffeine and is loved by tea drinkers and chefs around the world. Ceylon tea can be served hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened, the choice is up to you. Black tea is high in antioxidants, said to have many health benefits, but we personally think it just taste good and hope you do too.  

Enjoy a cup of Ceylon for your tea blends, tea tastings, iced tea and afternoon tea with our high-quality camellia sinensis found right here.

Buy black tea from Sri Lanka, considered the worlds purest tea used to make some of the worlds most a famous blends

Earl grey, English breakfast, Spices masala, Irish breakfast and more are all made with a base of this variety of black tea. Dark brown to black color the tea produced in Ceylon is some of the most untouched tea in the world. Pesticides and fertilizers are not used in the production of teas in Sri Lanka. While tea originated in China, its cultivation has certainly been perfected in Sri Lanka and it can be tasted with every cup.

How to use Ceylon black tea for drinking, baking or cooking

   Much like many other tea, black tea is best steep at about 212 degrees for 3-5 minutes with a ratio of one to two teaspoon per eight ounces of liquid. Tea can be taken with milk and sugar or by itself. Experiment infusing black tea in your next ice cream base, doughnut glaze and many other wonderful creations. 

Sri Lankan tea is high in tannins with notes of citrus, chocolate and spices. It can be used in compound butters, infusing stocks, broth, rubs and just about anything ones mind can create.

These tea leaves are sold as loose leaf tea and not packaged in individual use bags

Just like many other ingredients found in our online store, Ceylon black tea is available by the ounce, the pound and in bulk. Tea lovers rejoice as you sip, savor, enjoy black tea flavor found at Slofoodgroup. Enjoy quality teas or many of our other premium quality flavor and spice products. Enjoy free shipping on us for all US orders.

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