About Us

Thank you for choosing SLOFOODGROUP brand of spices -  We are an importer of Premium Vanilla Beans, Vanilla product , Saffron,  Organic Cinnamons and other Spices from around the world. We take great pride in providing our customers the very best products. We have built a strong reputation around the concept of providing superior quality products at fair and reasonable prices to all consumers. We were founded by Chefs and we firmly believe in quality over quantity. Our focus has always serving our customers and working with the best possible ingredients. We work closely with all our partners all over the world  to ensure consistency, quality and pricing. This has allowed us to offer the best possible products and a variety of options to suit your baking or flavoring needs no matter the size of your establishment.

Since our inception and the introduction of our Madagascar Vanilla Beans, our product line has grown to include a handful of exotic spices from around the world. Our Sargol Saffron is from ancient Persia. C- 5 Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and perfectly pounded sheets of edible 24k Gold Leaf from the far reaches of what used to be the Mongolian empire as well as our beautiful Tahitian vanilla beans from the French Polynesian island of Raiatea. We continue to search for great products focusing on our core values;  serving our customers, serving our partners, and acting with integrity in all that we do while staying passionate about the services we provide.

We are fully confident in the quality of our products and we hope you enjoy.  Our spices are Kosher, non GMO, Gluten free and organic by nature. Our commitment is to fulfilling your flavoring needs. Send us an email, ask us a question, however we can help; we are happy to help you. Take a second  and look around our website; you will find some great information on our home page or in the see more section of our product details.  If you want to just shop now, click the shop link at the top of the page and enter our store. If you are a restaurant or corporate customer and would like to request samples for invoice based billing, send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  All orders placed within the United States come with standard free domestic shipping. International rates do apply for orders placed overseas.  For international shipping we do provided DHL, Fedex  and USPS international courier services. Thank you for taking the time to view our website.  We look forward to hearing from you.