Afghanistan Saffron, All Red Filaments

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Saffron from Afghanistan

Luxurious, All Red Saffron Filaments for Cooking, Teas, & More

Grown, harvested, and dried in the arid deserts of Central Afghanistan, these saffron filaments are of exceptional quality.

Not only are we pleased to provide Afghanistan Saffron because of the superior quality but because of the support we are able to provide to the farmers. Saffron is a relatively new market for Afghan farmers, bringing much-needed income to communities and families.

Saffron, while known the world over for being the most expensive and sought-after spice, has not always been an exportable commodity in this region of the world. Since 2001 Afghanistan has rapidly ascended in the world of Saffron and spices to become one of the world's premier producers of quality saffron. 

Why Choose Saffron from Afghanistan 

You will fall in love with Afghan saffron because it offers a high level of quality at a great price. The filaments contain deep, bold, all red coloring. The aroma is warm and sweet and the flavor tantalizes the tongue and tickles the senses.

Buy saffron from Afghanistan for a wonderful addition to your favorite recipes (or as a gift for a friend or family member). We suggest trying some saffron in a chilled tea for an easy starter recipe, or, if you're a little more advanced and have the time, a warm Paella will provide a comforting and hearty meal for a crowd!

*This saffron from Afghanistan is gluten free, non-GMO, all natural, and meets the requirements for kosher acceptability without specific kosher supervision (except in the case of Passover). 

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