Persian Saffron, Negin Cut Afghanistan

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High-quality, authentic, and sustainably sourced from Afghanistan



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Negin Cut Gourmet Saffron Threads From Western Persia

Buying saffron online can be difficult. We know we have been selling this and other spices online since 2014. It also is the world's most expensive and sought-after spice. Taste, color, and authenticity need to be taken into serious consideration before making a buying decision with this or any other product.

About the saffron crocuses and what to expect from Slofoodgroup

There are various grades and classifications of this exotic spice—all containing different qualities and flavor profiles. This particular variety of gourmet Afghanistan saffron is a high-quality Negin Cut. It is grown, harvested and dried in western Afghanistan's Herat province from the flowering plant known as crocus sativus that blooms in the fall. In ancient times, Afghanistan was part of the Persian empire, this is why it is also called Persian red gold.

While history has change much the spice trade of the Middle East has not. This spice is still highly prized by gourmet chefs for cooking and baking. The thickness and dark red stigmas also called threads, give considerable visual appeal and can be used for savory or sweet recipes, textiles and medicinal uses. Other classifications of this spice contain yellow or orange parts of the filament that is found towards the lower thread.

Premium quality that is validated through laboratory testing for sensory factors

The crocin rates at the top of the ISO color scale and is validated by third-party lab testing. Negin cut threads are bright crimson red and contain less than one percent yellow style. Given the many varieties of red gold (Greek, Spanish, Austrian), Afghan saffron continues to be one the most valued choices for its coloring (Corcin) and flavor (Safranal) properties across the globe.

90 percent of the worlds supply comes from the Middle East. Mostly Iranian saffron but high quality saffron flowers are consistently being grown and harvested in and around the areas of Herat Afghanistan

A multitude of scientific studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of saffron and the ancient spices holistic use in healthcare. Learn how folks are using Saffron for health here. 

Gourmet Red Threads are used in several famous dishes:

Spanish Paella, French bouillabaisse (seafood dish), and Italian risotto speak volumes saffron's culinary value. The spice is used in gelato and rock candy found throughout the Middle East and Europe. It is steeped in milk to produce and served as a ritualistic beverage to newlyweds at Indian wedding ceremonies (learn how to make Saffron Milk here).

Shop with confidence when you buy this or any other product from Slofoodgroup with our spice satisfaction guarantee.

Facts about our Negin Cut Saffron Threads from Persia

  • ISO Grade 1 rating - 259.3 coloring strength for Negin Grade 1
  • premium, Negin Cut Saffron with bright, crimson filaments with less than 1% yellow filaments.
  • All SloFoodGroup products have a freshness guarantee.
  • available by the gram, ounce, pound, or kilo.
  • Our gourmet saffron threads from Persia come from organic, non-GMO crocus flowers and are gluten-free.
  • certified Kosher by a Rabbi at EarthKosher. 
  • for wholesale or bulk orders,  please send us an email to inquire on a price quote.

Getting the Most From Your Saffron Threads:

To infuse a natural, rich, golden color hue into dishes, slightly grind your threads with mortar and pestle and steep them in liquid prior to adding it to the dish. Let steep for a minimum of 10 minutes (but we believe overnight is best). This will pull the crocin from the threads and ensure the maximum color and depth of flavor are added to your dish. Buy gourmet saffron today to enhance your dishes with color and unparalleled flavor.

Experience why the world's most expensive spice is prized in popular recipes around the world.

Want to add a bit more of that unmatched saffron fragrance to your dish but still get the high-quality of Persian Saffron? Check out our Sargol Cut Saffron.


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Gordon B.
United States United States
Good stuff.

This is good-looking and aromatic saffron. Well packaged and arrived quickly. I will buy more when this is gone.

Susan H.
United States United States

This was a gift for my daughter and son-in-law, they both were VERY pleased!

Linda f.
United States United States

Great, strong flavor and aroma. Use it everyday. Will make sure i keep it in stock.

Irl S.
United States United States
Excellent Saffron

We love making dishes with Saffron but balk at the price in local stores. We found slofoodgroup online and purchased some at a great price. The dishes we’ve prepared were delicious and the saffron flavor was excellent. We will definitely be purchasing more

Umapathy C.
United States United States
Persian Saffron, Negin Cut Afghanistan

Good ,packing is excellent , good quality Saffron ,not used it yet , waiting to make Kesari Bath [ Kesar (i) is saffron in most Indian languages ] a sweet dish

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