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Vanilla Bean Gelato Sicilian Style

Slofoodgroup Team July 26, 2016

Vanilla Bean Gelato with Summer Strawberries, Freeze-Dried Raspberries, Olive Oil Meyer Lemon Sponge Cake, and Garden Flowers

Mmmmmm....fresh-made gelato with specks of vanilla bean enhancing every indulgent bite. You can practically taste it now, can't you? Vanilla bean gelato is near perfection on its own but the pairings are endless and it seems to make every dessert item so much tastier!

In this image, we served it atop freeze-dried raspberries and alongside an olive oil and Meyer lemon sponge cake, fresh summer strawberries, and edible garden flowers. Share with us how you will serve yours!

Here's the recipe for our Sicilian Vanilla Bean Gelato!



How To Make Vanilla Bean Gelato

Split and scrape Vanilla beans, reserve the seed pods to make vanilla sugar or submerge with some alcohol and start aging for vanilla extract (other beans will be needed). You could also substitute 1 tsp Ground Bourbon Vanilla Beans or email us for some Tahitian Vanilla powder. We keep small stocks;). Add all ingredients except cornstarch to a pot and bring to simmer. Once simmering, add cornstarch slurry and let thicken until nappe (the liquid evenly coats the back of a spoon). Once thickened, strain through a chinois or fine mesh strainer, chill, and reserve. Once the liquid has cooled, spin in an ice cream machine to desired consistency and enjoy.

*We recommend our French Polynesian Vanilla from Tahiti for its soft floral tones and hints of cherry or Ugandan Vanilla Beans for its rich creamy and butteriness. Most of all we hope you enjoy your vanilla beans from Slofoodgroup and the time well spent creating this wonderful recipe.