Five Ways to Use Edible Gold Flakes That Do Not Require Baking

Slofoodgroup Team May 16, 2020

Here are our top 5 tips for using edible gold flakes that do not require any baking

It happens to us all, short on time, have an upcoming dinner party, birthday party or family celebration. Not sure what to do, what to bring or if you are hosting, how to make your party unforgettable so that even your In laws rave about it.  Try using some edible gold flakes to help make your next get together better than good and remembered as great.

Make your plain vanilla ice cream stand out with a touch of gold to win the crowd over

All you have is plain vanilla ice cream and no thoughts on how to jazz it up? Try melting some chocolate, fresh berries and sprinkle some edible gold flake over the top.  The contrast in colors, texture and flavors will look remarkably stunning and turn your plain vanilla from a zero to ten in under a minute. Just in time for that for that next selfie of you smiling ear to ear for a job well done. 

Having a girls get together or perhaps a bit of pre-night out drinks

Consider a couple bottles of Sparkling Rosè, fresh summer strawberries, with a gentle dusting of gold to your champagne glasses. Watch carefully as the gold flakes swirl around your glass and conversation flows on who looks better, whether or not your are going out, and if there are any bubbles left. 

Nothing says surprise like a little confetti and what better way than with gold flakes

Do you have a special someone, good friend, 50th anniversary or crafty occasion you want to knock someones socks off?  Try adding some edible gold and even silver flakes to a few helium filled balloons that you can pop and delight as flakes fly and edible gold gets everywhere.

Taco Tuesday and and top shelf margaritas in a salt and gold rimmed glass

So lets admit it, your tacos did not turn out, maybe they did but what everyone is really waiting for is the margaritas.  Music is playing, the weather is nice and today calls for a little celebration. Try adding a little gold flake to your  salt mix to decorate the rim of the glass.  Do not forget to use fresh lime, simple syrup and your favorite tequila.  Ay ay ay, will take another one bartender. 

Crafting a little DIY lip gloss or eye shadow  

How about crafting a little lip gloss or eye shadow that will make Queen Cleopatra jealous? Take your favorite lip gloss recipe and add a couple teaspoons of gold flake. The gold will look great in the bottle and have everyone asking where to get some. Not to mention your lips will look great for that next big smooch or protection from the blistering cold.  Not a fan of lip gloss? How about using a little gold flake as eye shadow.  Mix a little gold with your favorite eye shadow color and apply as liberal as you like. The gold will give you a slightly glittery effect so that next time you bat your eyes at that poor pick up line, no one will know the difference that you did not care what they were saying anyways.

 Thats our top five non baking uses for gold flakes

Do you have any tips, tricks, uses or fun ideas about working with edible gold and silver? Leave a comment and let us know your favorite uses for edible gold flakes.  We would love to hear from you.




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